Treasure Hunt Inferno in Florence

We are in Florence at the beginning of XV century. Dante is composing his Divine Comedy. At the same time around him are being created what will become the most famous masterpieces of Italian and world art. Let’s immerse in this fascinating setting of mystery, art and history with our new Urban Game Team Building – Treasure Hunt Inferno in Florence! We will face a new adventure in the capital of Tuscany, where we often practice other kinds of scavenger hunt: urban game iPad, mysterious adventure, urban orienteering.



Treasure Hunt Inferno in Florence: a thrilling adventure

ug-firenze_3274-600x400We want to experience in first person the adventure imagined by Dan Brown in his novel Inferno! That’s why we created this new treasure hunt format. We will discover the secrets of capital of Renaissance, getting to know this city from a mystic and esoteric point of view. Dante’s work on the first cantica of Divine Comedy will interlace with plots of mysterious religious sects, that the great poet knew… and of which he could even have made part!

Participants of the Treasure Hunt in Florence will follow Dante’s traces in the city streets, while performing creative tasks and solving all kinds of riddles and puzzles. Each team will be accompanied by a new Virgil – our coach. Participants will interact with local inhabitants, discover habits, typical foods and local anecdotes. We promise: it won’t be the usual city tour! We will discover the most famous monuments of Florence, but also the most hidden corners. And we will do it with great amount of fun, fantasy and originality, and in the pleasant company of colleagues with which we are sharing this experience.

This thrilling game will mix up mystery, art, literature and history. It will be an extremely interesting adventure for your foreign clients or partners, that will thus visit Italy from a point of view which usually remains unknown for tourists. Foreigners, but also Italians from other cities, will have the possibility to discover curiosities and monuments of the city; but also native Florentines will find out something new. We never get to know enough of this beautiful city!