Team Building Activities

Training with Experiences

For us, Team Building means doing training with experiences that leave a mark. We bring the Team out of its comfort zone to experiment new forms of interpersonale interactions. This is Experiential Training and it can be declined in many different ways. We divided our team building activities in 8 categories: Music Team Building, Creative Team Building, Action Team Building, Training Team Building, Social Team Building, Extreme Team Building, Urban Team Building, Cooking Team Building.


Let’s “tune” the Team like an orchestra! Music is a universal language which permits a direct communication, without intermediation of words. Participants set to music, with the words or just a rhythms, their working desires and needs. At the same time they learn to express themselves and to listen to others.

music team building


Art & craft team building activities that stimulate lateral and “out of the box” thinking. Participants discover in themselves and in their colleagues creative capabilities they would have never thought of. With given instruments, they find an artistic expression to corporate Mission, Vision and Values.

creative team building
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Energetic and dynamic Team Building Activities that lead participants to use all their resources and build new strategies of action. The Team experiences an adventure in an unknown environment, far away from the office routine. Corporate hierarchies arecalled off, and relationships rebuilt on new bases.

Action team building


Educational, training and coaching activities for the Team. Through problem solving and dynamic activities, only apparently playful, participants reflect on communication dynamics used by the group and test new and more effective ones. Perfect for integrating Teams in changing conditions.

team building training


For a Team willing to do charity in an active way. These are different ecological, sustainable and ethical team building activities having as common denominator the desire of helping the needy. To improve team spirit and build loyalty between employees through a concrete and shared commitment.

social team building


Outdoor Experiential Training in really extreme natural conditions. Mountains covered by snow, regatta on the lake or sport driving at great speed: all this team building activities pur the Team to trial and exercise it in stress management, crisis management and change management.

extreme team building


An adventure in the streets of an Italian or foreign art city. An Urban Game isn’t just a simple treasure hunt: participants find hints on the places to reach in order to move in the urban space. Moreover, they perform creative tasks that, to being completed, require interaction inside the Team, with the surrounding environment and its inhabitants.

urban team building


Let’s introduce managers… into the kitchen! Fresh handmade pasta, real Neapolitan pizza, sushi, finger food, chocolate… in a Team Cooking we can choose to cook one of these dishes or even some of them all together. And after dinner? Cocktail Challenge and Wine Games will let us discover the universe of drinks in fun challenges between teams!

cooking team building
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