Social Team Building

Improving team work while doing charity

Team Building activities are good for companies, managers and employees. But why not to try something more? We can think of helping others – nature, environment, people in need.

Social Team Building activities are all the social initiatives that are headed to raise the participants’ awareness about the most important themes of our present: the social and the ecology. But here also we can’t do without a great effect on the team spirit… and some fun!

In the last few years, the companies are more and more interested in the social and ecological aspects of their activities, so that Social Team Building is starting to have success. Of course, these activities must be prepared more carefully than other formats, paying attention to many different factors (for example, the legal ones). But we are sure that they are worth it: the experience of doing good to those who need it is one of the best a human being can try!

Our partners: Mission Bambini

Mission Bambini

In our Social activities we are partner of the onlus organization MissionBambini ( This Italian organization has already helped 1.250.000 children in 72 countries, supporting more than 1.300 projects. It operates in Italy and all around the world with many initiatives, helping children, kindergartens and schools, but also promoting socially aware behaviors: for example, now they are launching an app against the waste of food (EcoDalFrigo, that suggest what to cook with the ingredients you find in your fridge without wasting them or buying more food).

TeamWorking collaborates with MissionBambini realizing concrete projects together with our clients’ companies. We give money, but we also give our hands, our hearts and our souls to the cause!

Social Team Building: ecological activities

Of Social Team Building make part also the activities that aim to raise awareness on ecological themes. To do an ecological team building doesn’t necessarily mean to do something completely different from a traditional team building. We must only keep in mind the impact our activity will have on nature and environment.

Which activities are most suitable for an Ecologic Team Building? Of course, the ones in which we use recycled and/or recyclable material! We pay a particular attention to using recovered materials like cardboard boxes, pieces of wood and similar in such activities as Carton Boat, Crazy Car Race and construction of Leonardo’s Machines.

Cardboard and wood find a new life thanks to our participants’ creativity. With the first, despite everything we are used to think, we can create boats that will float and even carry people. From wood remains and other materials we can make fun mini cars that, after being decorated, can face a competition on a track. They will be put in motion by hands, so the emissions will also be minimal. So, it’s a truly green event!

In all of these ecologic formats it’s important not only to use recycled materials, but also to dispose of them once the activity is finished. We need to clean the used area and to eliminate the waste according to standards. And it’s not all yet: we also have to take into account the regulations of every Italian municipality, to incur in penalties. Only keeping in mind all of this we can create a really effective Ecologic Team Building experience!

Our dream? That any team building would be ecologic! Each activity we offer can be done with regard to impact on environment. To dispose correctly of the used materials, to avoid food waste, to do separated waste collection: all this helps the environment and makes our feel better.

We believe that a great team is necessarily a team that loves nature. To share this kind of awareness is a good step forward to feel and act as a unite team!

Team Building Sociale: helping the needy

Another kind of Social Team Building aims to do something useful or to create a beautiful experience for needy people. Such are our activities of Social Constructions and Social Cooking.

Who needs social constructions? A lot of places! For example? A school, a kindergarten, a hospital, a gym… all the places where we find people, especially children, who we can help by building something useful that will last long! For example, we built a climbing wall that will be free for children coming from difficult life situations. Another time we created a vertical garden for a kindergarten, where the kids can see how herbs and vegetables grow… and use them for their meals!

On the other hand, Social Cooking is an activity that can be done in two different ways, also united: we can choose to cook and offer our meal to someone (this idea is perfect for a Christmas Team Building!), or to cook together with these people. We tried both these options and the result is always amazing: great synergy, awareness, affection and participation!

Social Constructions

Social Constructions

Social Constructions: with this activity we will have the unique possibility to build something concrete and long-lasting, a tool or a sport space that will be used by children coming from difficult situations. It’s well known the positive effect of sports on education, and thanks to this team building also those who can’t afford a gym passo will have the possibility of practicing sports.

Social Cooking

Social Cooking

Social Cooking: let’s share a meal with those who need it, or cook together with people who feel alone and will be happy to spend some time with us. Good in every season, Social Cooking is the perfect activity for Christmas time, when everybody wants to be good and to help others. Wouldn’t you like, for example, to prepare delicious chocolates to be given to charity?..

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden: let’s build a vertical garden for some kindergartners! If we also use recycled materials to build the shelves and made the jars, this activity becomes the most complete realization of a Social and Ecologic Team Building. Thanks to us, the kids will be able to observe each day how their plants grow, take care of them and benefit of a healthy addition to their menu. Everybody wins!

Farming Team Building

Farming Team Building

Farming Team Building: let’s re-discover the slowness of natural processes and preparations. In the factory we are going to get closer to earth, to our origins, and take part in the creation of natural product… that we will taste afterwards. This slow and local experience is the best way to get out, at least for a day, from the frenzy of the metropolis.

Ecological Team Building

Ecological Team Building

Ecological Team Building: creating something beautiful with recycled or recovered materials will remind to ourselves and to others the importance of recycling. Nature’s resources are not infinite! In fact, it isn’t necessary to buy always something new to create unique experiences! If even a cardboard boat can float… we can do literally anything!