Social Constructions Team Building

Does a team building have to be fun? For sure! But, with Social Constructions Team Building, it can be something more than that. We can do something that will help people, maybe people with different abilities or children who need our help.



Social Constructions Team Building is just one of our Social Team Building activities. The other possibilities suggested by our ecological and social awareness are:


Building for sport

Costruzioni SocialiIn this social team building activity we will build, with real instruments and according to all the regulations, something concrete and useful: a climbing wall for children who can’t afford the subscription to a gym!

This time, the team will be strengthened not through a competitive activity, but through the conscience of doing something good. Helping kids is a good way to prove your team is made of people with hearts! And the hard work will make you unite the forces to reach the common goal. For a team building experience that will be good by all means.