Social Cooking Team Building

The greatest examples of courage and motivation get to us sometimes from simple people and simple gestures. Let’s try too to realize useful and ethical project with your Social Cooking Team Building!



An experience: Social Cooking Team Building in Turin

Social Cooking Team BuildingCooking is about eating, and eating has always been about sharing. So we thought: can a team activity teach how to share? We called this Social Cooking Team Building! It can be a culinary activity in which we cook for those who need it, for example, for kids with problematic background.

And we can do more! We can cook for someone or we can cook together to build a strong team even if its members have different abilities. So we did in this activity for a group of patients in Turin’s hospital, who deal with spinal problems. 30 patients worked together with the medical staff to prepare a meal and share it at the end of the day. That was really an outstanding team building that changed something… and made a difference!