Musical and Ecological Team Building

How can we put together team building, music and an eco-friendly approach? From TeamWorking an idea to play percussions without need of chopping down trees: Musical and Ecological Team Building!

Music-based team building activities are fun and effective in developing team spirit! In ten years of activity, here in TeamWorking we have found different ways of teaching music to groups of managers that have never played an instrument: LipDub, Corporate Orchestra, Corporate Song… The results are always extraordinary; but at what cost? We mostly play percussions, that require instruments made of wood. But today we will talk about those activities that let us save the trees without losing the pleasure and the efficiency of a musical team building.


Discover the pleasure of music and rhythm



One possibility is that we carry on practicing our percussion musical formats, but using unconventional instruments, recycled and improvised! Another musical activity that doesn’t require any use of instruments whatsoever, is Body Percussion. Let’s try to make our body… play music! Thus we will create team spirit while becoming aware of the preciousness of nature.

Is it all here our car for environment? Of course not! All our creative activities are part of Ecological Team Building approach too. In Crazy Car Race, Carton Boat and Carnival Masks we use recycled and recyclable materials, but also in other occasions we strive to avoid wastefulness, to make happy our clients, ourselves and… the Earth!