Farming Team Building

When we talk about working on the social aspect of team building, we mean two different categories: environment and people. Both are present in Farming Team Building activity.



Farming Team Building: a “slow” experience

Farming Team Building format can be done in different ways: from experiencing the life of a farm to all that concerns the transition from “nature’s product” to “consumer’s product“.

Lavoro in fattoria come team buildingThis is a way to come back to origins and re-discover what for our ancestors was the normal way of living. We will come back to “human” length of time, to listening to the rhythm of nature and of natural processes of working.

Times and procedures of a farm’s work follow a completely different logic from the industrial productive process. In the farm, natural times have to be respected rigorously, otherwise we will fail in doing anything. That’s why, unlike other team building formats, farm offers less flexibility in the time aspect. We can’t pretend to make the wheat grow and to have bread done in an hour! Neither we can leave a process halfway done: it must be brought to conclusion by following traditional procedures. But all these aren’t limits of the format: they are its essential characteristics!


Activities of Farming Team Building

Attività con gli animali durante il team building in fattoriaIn a farm we can do a lot of different activities. In the first place, of course, we have all the activities that are linked to animals: milking of cows, cleaning of cowsheds, possibility of feeding animals and birds of the farm.

We can also undertake the production of natural foods. It offers a lot of different opportunities, from grape harvesting to making preserves; from grinding wheat to baking bread in a wood-burning oven; from preparation of butter and cream to cheeses and cold cuts.

The focus is always on recovering a dimension that will be closer to nature, developing awareness on products of daily use. Spending a day at the farm lets us give the right value to products, times and processes of nature. It’s a rediscovery that we can use also as a metaphor of the team, to come back to strong values of people and organization.


The ecological aspect

Ecologia ricicloFinally, not unimportant is the ecological aspect of this team building activity, that will let us grow more aware on the possibilities of re-use of materials.

In fact, nothing goes lost in the farm: the waste of a kind of production becomes material for a different procedure. For example, agricultural waste is transformed into animal feed, while, on the contrary, animals produce fertilizers for the fields!