Treasure Island Team Building: an adventure in the open sea

Bring your Team to live a thrilling adventure! Sea, waves, shining sun, wind in the hair, a close-knit crew and a treasure to find. These are the ingredients of a perfect format for a corporate Summer Team Building. Treasure Island Team Building or Pirate Treasure Hunt lets us visit the most beautiful marine locations of Italy with a lot of enthusiasm and adrenaline. Among riddles to solve, ancient legends and sea tales, participants will visit the coast and sea marvelous views… while improving communication and teamwork.



Treasure Island Team Building: Urban Game and Problem Solving

Will the Team be able to solve enigmas and riddles, interpret clues and read coordinates in order to follow the right path and be the first to get to the chest with the ancient treasure? The prize is just one… and the competition is fierce!

Codes to decipher, drawings to put back together, inscriptions in unknown languages to read… Collaboration of all the Team’s members will be necessary to solve the enigmas and get to the end of the game. Treasure Island Team Building isn’t just a variety of Urban Game but also and mostly a Problem Solving activity. Just like an Escape Room Team Building… for those who love outdoor adventures!

Setting: between land and sea

Urban Game Isola del TesoroPirates have bizarre ways to hide their treasures. Participants could have to recover in sea precious objects that will help to reach the goal, use GPS coordinates as much as ancient maps. Once they reach the coast, the research continues on the land. Participants here explore caverns, dig in the sand, interpret ambiguous hints and interact with disquieting characters.

This adventure is thus set both in the open sea and on the coast. Our favorite locations are in Liguria, a region that for many reasons is perfect to host a Treasure Island Team Building. In fact, it has breathtaking views, medieval towns and wild nature at a short distance from big cities such as Milan and Turin. The best places?

  • Portovenere and Palmaria Island: part of the same archipelago with the small islands of Tino and Tinetto, it presents a various environment with caverns, cliffs and historical buildings.
  • Cinque Terre: the teams can visit some of them or even all five, traveling by train or by boat.
  • Genova: here it is possible to choose to set the treasure hunt in the historical centre, in the harbor or in a picturesque sailor neighborhood, Boccadasse.

We are ready to bring participant teams in one of these locations or to discover others following your suggestions. The ancient treasures are calling!