Escape Room Team Building – get out in 60 minutes!

Escape Room Team Building, or live escape game, is a logical game with great amount of adrenaline. Participants, locked in a room set up according to a peculiar theme, must find their way out in the time assigned. Can you get out in 60 minutes? To do it you will need to use every element that you can find in the room. You will also have to solve codes, enigmas, riddles and puzzles of all kinds. Collaboration is necessary: without joining everybody’s forces it’s absolutely impossible to find the way out!


Global success for the Escape Rooms

Horror Escape RoomThe first Escape Room was created in 2006 by a team of programmers of Silicon Valley. Just like Dinner with Murder, it was inspired by Agatha Christie’s works. Since them, the escape games conquered North America, Asia, Oceania and Europe. In Italy the first was opened in Turin in 2015, and then spread rapidly in all the biggest cities. Milan, for example, houses now the biggest structure in Europe. But the real phenomenon of the moments is the Mobile Escape Room! It can be transported and assembled anywhere, anytime.

The room’s setting can recreate a variety of imaginary places: prisons, monasteries, asylums, laboratories, offices… there’s no limit to imagination. Themes also can be different. Horror scenes are frequently used, but there can be also “scientific” or realistic settings.

This activity is close to detective team buildings like CSI – Crime Scene Investigation and Dinner with Murder, but with a stricter timeline. Whatever setting we use, in fact, the team of participants must face challenges with little time, thus learning to improve their Stress and Time Management.


Escape Room Team Building as Experiential Training

This game is usually played in a company of friends. Each room can usually host from 3 up to 8 people, so that participations of big numbers of people is rare. But you can experience many rooms at the same time, with the different Teams in competition to be the first who will find the exit. Also, we have the possibility to build a Mobile Escape Room, as big as we want, and able to be transported in any location.

That’s why we offer Escape Room Team Building as experiential training. The corporate team faces every day challenges with a lot of adrenaline. In the escape game, corporate difficulties are projected into reality, and team work becomes not only desirable but strictly necessary. Colleagues must collaborate, communicate, use at best the qualities of each Team member in order to reach the common goal. And, last but not least, during this experiential training there will be a lot of team spirit and fun!