Urban Game in Milan

Team building in Italy’s most innovative and fashionable city

Milan is known to be the fashion capital of the world. The famous “fashion quadrilateral” (Via Monte Napoleone, Via Manzoni, Via della Spiga, Corso Venezia) with its inner streets is a Mecca for Italian fashion and lifestyle lovers from all over the world. That’s why Team Building Treasure Hunt in Milan is an exciting activity for everyone!

Discover the city with an Urban Game

This city is not only known for innovation and fashion, it is also famous for its artistic heritage, including the Last Supper by Da Vinci housed in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Duomo, one of Italy’s most beautiful and famous Gothic buildings! Milan is much more: with its renovated Darsena, the aperitivo on the Navigli, the Brera art district, and the exhibitions at the Palazzo Reale and other museums, it is a city to be experienced.

Team Building Treasure Hunt in Milan is one of our favorite Urban Team Building formats.This is our city and we know all its secrets!

On foot, by bike or segway we will take you to the most beautiful and lesser known corners of the Lombard capital, hunting for extraordinary sights, unexpected knowledge and fantastic adventures.

Along the way you will face all kinds of creative challenges and have to interact with the city environment and its inhabitants.

There will also be no shortage of the food and wine element! You will have the opportunity to take part in the famous aperitivo on the Navigli or to taste typical local dishes in an exclusive restaurant known only to true Milanese people.

Most of the time, even if we have already been to a city, we have not been able to see everything and, likewise, we cannot know everything about it either. It may hide mysteries and curiosities, but we will only be able to know their existence by asking the locals.

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Milano to discover: some of the stops

The Duomo and the Galleria

Symbols of the city, Milan Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele attract millions of visitors every year, not only for their beauty but also for their central location!


Sforza Castle

Born as a Visconti defensive fortress, transformed by the Sforza family into a Renaissance court, it is now one of Milan’s most iconic landmarks, and people walk through it to get to the huge Parco Sempione, the city’s green lung!


Gae Aulenti Square

If the Duomo constitutes the most historic Milan, the past from which to draw inspiration, Gae Aulenti square symbolizes change, the city’s gaze stretching toward the future. The ideal place for the creative rehearsals that await the participants!

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Urban Game Milan: unconventional tourists

Visiting the city with an urban team building activity means having an experience that has little in common with the usual sightseeing tour. Participants will, yes, discover the city’s most interesting sights, its historical monuments and the most beautiful perspectives. But this will not happen in the form of a sightseeing tour with explanations given by a guide, but rather in a playful, interactive and fun form.

Each team will have to reach different strategic points in the city and, once reached, perform a series of creativeand original tasks. N.B. These tasks will require extensive use of imagination!

Participants will have to take advantage of the city’s monuments or even the help of its inhabitants to solve the riddles and perform the tasks in the most creative way possible. For each task they will be given a score, which will be tallied at the end to choose the winning team!

Technological Urban Game: a specific app!

Our team building City Game also involves the use of technology, specifically a purpose-built web app for conducting this activity.

Thanks to the app that each team leader will have on their cell phone, teams will be able to participate interactively in the team building urban game.

In fact, the app will show the stage to be reached in which the teams will have to test themselves with the creative challenges suggested by the app. Once performed, they will be able to upload videos and photos directly to the app and go in search of a QR code that will allow them to continue to the next stage.


All this will make the activity a truly original adventure in discovering a city and will be an amazing way to discover in colleagues the qualities and skills that have always remained hidden!

It will also bring a lot of benefits for the team to be in a completely new place, outside the usual office environment.


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Milan Rescue Team

A mission to accomplish, a criminal to stop, a limited amount of time: the Rescue Team Team Building participants must do nothing less than save humanity!  The mission can take place among the streets of an Italian or foreign city, with strong interaction with places and inhabitants. But, upon request, we can also carry out the activity in the company’s own spaces, where participants will play with well-known or yet-to-be-known places.

In each case, Rescue Team participants face challenges of logic and creativity.The puzzles are often mechanisms to disassemble, reassemble or construct. Teams must put not only their brains but also their hands in motion with dynamic, concrete activities that have great emotional impact!

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