Team Building Rescue Team

We are all familiar by now with a very successful game, not only played with friends but also as corporate team building: Escape Room. Rescue Team Team Building takes the best of Escape Room and applies it on a larger scale! What are the advantages of bringing a game of logic and puzzles into the open spaces of a city?

  • More different spaces, outdoors or indoors
  • An even higher number of competing teams
  • Longer timeframes (2-3 hours or even longer on request)
  • A wider and more varied set of puzzles to solve
  • High-impact city setting

Rescue Team Team Building: a Mission to accomplish

A mission to accomplish, a criminal to stop, a limited amount of time: the participants of the Team Building Rescue Team must do nothing less than save humanity!  The mission can take place in the streets of an Italian or foreign city, with a strong interaction with places and inhabitants. But, on request, we can also realise the activity in the company spaces, where the participants will play with places that are well known or yet to be known.

In any case, Rescue Team participants will face challenges of logic and creativity. The puzzles are often mechanisms to be disassembled, reassembled or constructed. Teams have to set in motion not only their brains but also their hands with dynamic and concrete activities of great emotional impact!

But Rescue Team is not only a ‘Mission Impossible’ to be accomplished. It is also an exciting race against time! Participating teams are given a limited time (usually 2 or 3 hours) within which they must solve all the puzzles and get to the finish line. If successful, the mission is considered accomplished. If not… woe betide us: humanity has not been saved in time and our planet is about to face terrible times!

Team Building Milan Da Vinci Code and the Secret Dinner

We can visit Rome with the Rescue Team “Angels and Demons”, Florence with the “Inferno” format… and then? Then we can return to our beloved Milan with the Da Vinci Code Team Building!

It’s not only Dan Brown who talks about it. Equally compelling, though less famous, is Javier Sierra’s historical novel, The Secret Dinner, which describes the birth and realisation of Da Vinci’s masterpiece. The author unveils the hidden code within this celebrated work of art.

Just like the characters in the book, the participants of our treasure hunt will have to guess the secret hidden by the great master. They will have to reconstruct and solve the riddles that Leonardo used to subject his pupils to, follow the genius’ trail, discover anecdotes and curiosities.


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Other formats

Each mission has a particular story that is told to participants during the introduction. It is usually related to the location of the event. Here are some examples of our most successful formats:

Florence – Inferno

One of Italy’s most interesting and atmospheric destinations; a city evocative of the past, considered throughout the world as the birthplace of the Renaissance, the cradle of architecture and art, with its historic centre full of breathtakingly beautiful Renaissance churches, monuments and palaces.

Rome – Angels and Demons

Rome… wandering through its streets is like travelling back in time among ancient Roman vestiges, monuments, beautiful squares, fountains and little fountains that refresh the air along with the typical Roman breeze, gardens, villas and churches of all sizes where one discovers beautiful paintings, statues and altars every time. In the Eternal City, every visit is a surprise.

Venice – Spy Game

Considered by many to be the most beautiful city in the world An incredible city, made up of a collection of 118 islands joined by more than 400 bridges and separated by the many canals that serve as roads, travelled by boats and gondolas. Venice is a fascinating city for the many art treasures it holds: such as churches, palaces, museums and bridges.

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