Rescue Team Team Building

We all know what has become a game of great success, practiced by groups of friends but sometimes also as a corporate teambuilding activity: Escape Room. Now, our Rescue Team Team Building takes the best of the Escape Room and applies it to a larger scale! What are the advantages of taking a game of logic and enigmas in the outdoor spaces of a city?

  • Many different locations, outdoor and indoor
  • A possibly very high number of rival teams
  • Biggest time length (2-3 hours or, by request, even more)
  • A greatest number and variety of riddles to solve.

Rescue Team Team Building: a Mission… is Possible!

Team Building Urban Game: Team Building Rescue Team

Team Building Urban Game: Team Building Rescue Team

A mission to fulfill, a criminal to stop, limited time: participants of Rescue Team Team Building must do nothing less than save humankind! The mission can be set in the streets of an Italian or foreign city, in strong interaction with places and inhabitants. But, upon request, we can also realize this activity in the office, where participants will play discovering well-known places. In any case, in a Rescue Team the participant teams will face logical and creative challenges. The enigmas can be mechanisms to dismantle or build. The teams will employ not only brain but also hands and feet to fulfill dynamic and concrete activities of great emotional impact!

But Rescue Team isn’t only a “Mission Impossible” to fulfill. It is a rush against time where each second is vital! Participant teams are given only a limited time (usually 2 or 3 hours) to finish the game and solve all the riddles. In case of success, the mission is considered fulfilled. Otherwise… woe to us: humankind hasn’t been saved in time and our planet will face terrible moments!

Each mission has a particular story that participants get to know about during introduction. It is usually linked to the location of the event. Here there are some examples of our most successful formats: