Finger Food Factory Team Building

A whole new way of thinking Team Cooking activities: Finger Food Factory Team Building. Discover the secrets of the contemporary cuisine and prepare many kinds of snacks, tapas and finger foods!



Why finger food is the new trend?

Because it’s nice to see, original and varied! In Italy we love the aperitif, and finger food is the perfect food for it.

Finger Food Factory Team BuildingFinger Food Factory team building can also be an unconventional choice for your corporate dinner or coffee break during a convention. Instead of sitting at the table for a long sequence of courses, you will be able to walk freely along the room or sit down to make conversation in little groups. Communication will be more free and unconventional, and that is certainly good for everybody’s good state of mind!

Preparation of tapas is an extremely creative process. They can have many different forms and colors: from a big classic like a brioche mignon to complicate compositions of vegetables and sauces served in little glasses or bowls, or simply upon a salad leaf.

The turning point of finger food is mixing and matching colors and tastes! Try the most innovative matches to find your own unique flavor.

Last but not least is the originality of the presentation: your snack must attract your colleagues into eating them… and make them wonder what it’s made of!