Finger Food Factory

Cooking Team Building


A new culinary teambuilding! The Team Building Finger Food Factory offers you the chance to experience cooking like a great chef. Under the guidance of experienced chefs you will prepare all kinds of appetisers, tapas and finger food.

For years, food and events organised around food have been creating relationships between people. Our Team Building Cooking formats are based on this principle! But it is not just one format: the variety of options here is truly enormous!

Cooking Team Buildings are the tool that allows participants to get to know each other and enjoy their time together. The best definition of our culinary activities? An afternoon or evening full of good humour, lots of positive energy, a moment of ‘healthy’ competition: these are precisely the elements that create team spirit.

A Team Cooking activity is in fact perfect as an instrument of aggregation and playful activity, but also as a relational and relaxing moment in which everyone can participate by cooking together and then… eating!

Finger food means food eaten with the fingers, without the need for cutlery!

Finger food is depopulating both because of the practicality with which buffets can be set up, and because finger food dishes are much more fashionable, beautiful to look at and quick to eat.

But beware, as a great chef like Andrea Golino teaches us…

Finger food does not mean cooking a dish and putting it on a small plate. The finger dish should be thought of before it is made, transforming traditional dishes and flavours into small bites of taste.

So sure, creating tasty dishes in finger food version is much more laborious, but the result is always very interesting!

Why is finger food trendy?

Because it is beautiful to look at, original and varied!

In line with the passion of recent years for the aperitif, finger food appears as an unconventional choice for a dinner or a break during the conference.

Instead of sitting at the table for a sequence of courses, guests can walk freely around the room or sit in small groups. In this way, communication is freer and more varied, and the mood can only improve. This is why we also offer among our Team Cookng formats the Team Building Finger Food Factory, to learn how to create original aperitifs together with our colleagues!

Preparation is an extremely creative process. Finger food can come in a thousand shapes and colours: from classic brioche mignon and sandwiches to compositions of vegetables and sauces served in small glasses or on even more original holders.

Combinations of colours and flavours are the most important thing! In the Finger Food Factory team-building format, participants will discover that seemingly irreconcilable foods can be paired with novel and fresh results.

And for a truly original company aperitif, we combine this with another teambuilding format in the kitchen: Team Building Cocktail Challenge.

Finger Food Factory Team Building

But the originality of the presentation is also crucial: in addition to good and delicate flavour, finger food must have a great visual impact! The table set with all sorts of appetisers will look festive and inviting.

Finger Food Factory is also an excellent proposal for Christmas lunch in the company!

Do you want to organise your next Finger Food event?