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For those with a passion for the art of cocktails, Team Building Cocktail Challenge is the perfect format to get closer to this world and share it with colleagues. It is one of our favourite refreshing and fun formats. It is suitable for a company party in the middle of summer, but also for a winter event. In fact, many of our customers have chosen to do it for their company Christmas party!

Who will be the best barman in the company?

The teams taking part in this unprecedented challenge will compete for the prize for the best cocktail in the company after learning the basic rules for the best mixes from our experienced bartenders. They will be faced with a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients to use, all the fresh fruit in season and the tools needed by a real bartender. In short, we don’t miss a thing!

We will therefore try to work on the aesthetic composition as well as the taste composition, creating the excellent cocktail and outlining its key selling points, to be presented to the jury and the other teams! The teams will have to make a presentation of their creation, highlighting its qualities and suggestions for use. In addition, they will have to hypothesise scenarios in which to set the consumption of the cocktail.

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Team Building and Creativity

This activity is perfect for promoting team spirit for corporate groups interested in doing something creative and fun all year round!

We will start warming up with a cocktail prepared by our experienced bartenders and the group will be divided into different teams to spice up the competition. As soon as the teams are created, our bartenders will explain the rules of the game and give some hints and tips to improve the participants’ cocktail-making skills.

But that’s not all: because we like to encourage team skills, there will also be several challenges and specific tasks related to the art of mixology.

Cocktail Challenge: the key words


Outstanding performance

Focus and choose from your team the two participants you think are the best candidates to juggle the cocktail shaker. This is a good challenge to see how well you know the people in your team!



No copying each other’s cocktails! A big part of this activity is being creative. Each team will choose a secret ingredient to create their own signature cocktail. A time limit will be set and after our judges have tasted each group’s cocktail, the winning team will be announced.

Factors such as teamwork, authenticity, cocktail taste… will be taken into consideration. Basically, you will be encouraged to think outside the box!


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