Carton Boat

Team Building Carton Boat: swimming pool or ocean?

Carton Boat Team Building is the perfect team activity to incentivize employees and customers and build loyalty while having a lot of fun! As well as Crazy Car Race Team Building, it is one of our favorites! It’s a chance to test our knowledge of Archimedes’ principle.

We would say that a boat made out of cardboard can’t sail, but this action team building activity proves that it is possible! Not only possible, but also very funny and entertaining! Participants will try their best and do what they can to keep the cardboard boat from sinking.

The great value of this activity in Dubai is that it brings together various stimuli. In fact, this event also falls under the Creative Team Building format for the decoration part.

What’s the goal of this original Team Building activity?

The objective of each participating team is to build cardboard boats, having limited time and resources. It is a test of sporting and, above all, technical skill that also implies a creative use of the participants’ intelligence. Participants must design the boats following an original idea, then build and decorate them beautifully to make them amazing to look at. But most importantly, the boats must be able to sail!

This is a fun format to build, create, decorate and test the boat on the water.

Do you think your team will be able to complete the mission without sinking?

How does the activity take place?

This team building format takes place through several stages. Teams will have to cooperate, but then everyone can also show their individual talents in some part of the event. In this way, individual work and team work come together and, as a result, we can achieve an effective team building activity.

First of all, there is the building phase: in this part, participants have to make a plan on how to build a boat and then, with only the use of cardboard and scotch tape, build it.

Basically, the boats only need to have one simple feature: they need to be big enough to fit people inside… which means that they have to be real size! This might sound pretty difficult, but it’s not.

Usually, the Carton Boat Team Building day starts with a briefing where all the necessary information is given along with the materials to be able to make it.


They’re not so many and so they’re easy to remember: cardboard, scotch tape, scissors, brushes and colors. The team then proceeds to collect all the necessary materials, plan the work phases and build the real boat using the few tools we mentioned above: cardboard and tape.

For this, they deal with an apparently impossible endeavor: a boat made of cardboard. We will put to trial the principle of Archimedes, according to which the bodies can float in water. Afterward, depending on the conditions of the weather, we will start the race in a swimming pool or at the ocean’s shore!

Challenge has begun, try not to sink!

The last phase consists of the Carton Boat competition.

After the engineering part, we proceed with the two-man challenges, one boat against the other, until we find the winners. These are the tests we do on the water, sometimes one of the boats sinks while the other proceeds victoriously to the finish line, other times the race is even: both boats sail safely, or both boats sink ruinously!

Since these boats are made of cardboard, the real challenge is not about speed or haste, but about the survival of the boats themselves! Later, after this first elimination phase, the teams still in the race, and this means those who can still use the boat, are compared one another.

Here the race becomes tight: everyone is good, everyone is rowing furiously, and the victory will go to those who know how to better exploit the shape of the boat and the handmade oars to cross the finish line first.

Carton Boat: tests and prizes

Of course, during the Carton Boat Team Building there isn’t only one race. Here are some of the tests made for the boats:

  • Endurance test
  • Speed race
  • Stress test


As well, there isn’t either only one winner. The possible prizes we are giving away for teams can be different and can also be chosen by the company itself:

  • Fastest
  • Boat with best Technique
  • Best Design
  • Titanic Prize
  • Best Crew

This creative and action team building activity is an incredibly stimulating experience for the group especially when, once the cardboard boat is made, it will be able to float, and teams can sail on board! A day of teamworking is useful to form groups and working teams, but it must in first place entertain those who participate, leaving them with a pleasant memory and the feeling of having done something constructive.

Try to reach the finish line without sinking!

Carton Boat Team Building: what are the benefits for the team?

Carton Boat team building activity stimulates members’ capabilities such as:

  • Design
  • Creativity
  • Manual work
  • Division of roles
  • Commitment
  • Healthy competition
  • Coordination of efforts

and many others.

These types of team building events give people the time to focus on the importance of teamwork and what is needed to make people become a better team in order to work better.

Learning to work together effectively will allow participants to grow and acquire how to manage mutual strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, Team Building events will enhance the value of having fun in the workplace and what important results can actually be achieved when it comes to entertainment. This advantage is often ignored, but we believe it is one of the most essential to have in any workplace.

When’s the best period to practice Carton Boat Team Building?

Since it is a race in water, it is advisable to organize a Carton Boat activity when the outside temperature is in between 25° and 35°C. Spring or summer are the most suitable periods for organizing this type of action team building activity, always respecting work commitments which must not be neglected.

This Team Building event will help everyone socialize with others and it will be a great opportunity to spend some quality time together.

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