Crazy Car Race Team Building

Crazy Car Race Team Building┬áis one of our most dynamic and fun activities! This format can manage to align even the most unenthusiastic team. The competition is fierce and the fun is much, that’s why nobody can keep aside.

The great valor of this Action Team Building is given from putting together different formats. In fact, this activity seem to belong to the genre of Constructions in the phase of designing the project, and to the genre of Creative Team Building in the phase of decorating.



Who will build the most crazy and nice minicar?

The work is divided into several progressive phases. In all of these the team will work together, but every participant can show his/her individual talent in a part of the work. In this way, individual work and team work sum up giving as a result an effective Team Building activity.

Crazy Car Race Team BuildingThe sequence? In the first place each team will design the structure, plan the phases of work and collect the building materials (let’s remember that recycling is better!). Sometimes, to gain the materials for the construction, it will be necessary to pass additional challenges. After the phase of construction, it comes the moment to try our Crazy Car on a special track, racing against the rival teams.

Attention: our vehicles must be not only functioning, but also decorated in an original way! The artistic aspect is extremely important: creativity and fantasy make the challenge more exciting and stimulating. Given the few materials available, creating the style and realizing the decorations of the vehicle will be a task for real designers… of minimalistic trend!

The added value of choosing TeamWorking for your Crazy Car Race Team Building? We don’t offer ready-made solutions: the cars are not dismantled to be assembled, but they must be created really according to your capabilities and your desire! The materials we will give you are diverse, from wood and metal to cardboard and scotch tape. The wheels, coming from materials we recover, are also all different… you must hope to find four of them of the same size! If, of course, your mini car will have four wheels and not a different quantity – it depends only on your fantasy.


Ready… set… go!

If time and logistics will make it possible, we will arrange a real race. The rival teams, or to better say stables, will choose a brave pilot who will guide the vehicle at the maximum of its potential… and a strong ‘pusher‘ who will push the car (which is obviously lacking of a motor). The two of them, who can be replaces by their team mates if the race is long enough, will join forces to gain the first place in the competition!