Team Building Vertical Garden

A special gift for children

The first time we were asked to do Social Team Building, the thought was “that’s impossible”; then something clicked inside us. We heard a little voice telling us “if you don’t do it, no one will!“, and so we realised that this kind of activity is the beginning of everything. Our mission has always been to bring a smile to the world, and we try to do this in any way we can. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the commitment!

Social and Ecological Team Building are definitely the most unforgettable activities we do. They require a lot of commitment, but they also bring a lot of satisfaction. We firmly believe that a great team is also necessarily great in its love of nature. Being united in awareness is a good step to feeling united in work too!

With this activity, teams will build a vertical vegetable garden for children in a kindergarten or nursery school. Recycled materials can be used to build the shelves and to make the pots, so that this activity becomes the most complete realisation of Social and Ecological Team Building.

Among our Social Team Building activities, we propose this new format: Vertical Garden Team Building. As already mentioned, in this format participants will build a real vertical vegetable garden to give to a kindergarten or primary school!

Inside the shelves all those seedlings useful for the kindergarten canteen will be planted. The children will thus be able to eat healthier food, having plants such as tomatoes, basil, strawberries and many others. They will also have the opportunity to follow the growth of the plants, take care of them and learn the importance of contact with nature and environmental sustainability. All this will lead to a huge educational effect.

But what is the purpose of this Team Building?

The purpose of this activity is not only to help children, but through this socially useful activity the team members will find themselves more united and, knowing that they are doing good work, much more motivated to work as a team.

It is true that team building activities are useful for companies, managers and employees, but why not think about doing something good for others, the environment or people in need?

Social Team Building is a category that helps make our interventions useful, bringing together all those social initiatives that aim to make participants aware of the most important issues of our present: such as social and ecological issues. All this, of course, without neglecting fun and team spirit.

At the end of the activity, all participants will realise that their team will have done not only a good job, but also one of great importance for the environment. It will certainly be an ennobling experience that will give new impetus to the work of the team as well as that of individuals.

Build a big-hearted team! A charitable activity like the Vertical Garden is also perfect for a very special time like Christmas.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to do good for someone!