Lego Team Building

Build the Team… with Lego bricks

How about an afternoon spent in a cosy and fun environment where the main objective is to play with Lego bricks? For us, it is every time a pleasure to organise a Lego Team Building, a creative activity capable of representing the company and its mission in space!

The three keywords are: Creativity, Cooperation and Relationship Building, and they are probably the three most appropriate words to describe our Team Building.

What’s the purpose of Lego Team Building?

The aim of the Lego Team Building format is to build relationships between team members and to pay attention to the importance of communication and collaboration in our daily professional lives.

Working in pairs and a series of unusual, small, energetic challenges are the elements from which we start each meeting. Just a few minutes are enough for the participants in our format to feel completely free to express themselves and to share emotions and thoughts without filters.

After a few cognitive-integrative exercises, we arrive at the central moment of the day. The participants, divided into groups, are literally covered with thousands of LEGO bricks!

The first task they will be faced with will be to represent, using only Lego, some ideas and shares from their work group. A couple of hours will be spent creating, taking apart, recreating, building and designing with lots of passion and energy! Incredible but true, the work of the participants will produce several great little works of art.

In addition to its Team Building element, this format also has a training dimension. Participants have the opportunity to transfer their personalities to the Lego world, get to know each other better and spend time together.

This rather unusual experience is actually an effective tool for breaking away from the office reality and getting to know a new side of one’s friends and colleagues.

Sessione di Lego Team Building
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Lego Team Building: what is it useful for?

The basic idea is that ideas travelling around in our heads can often be made concrete when supported by the actual construction of something: a sand castle, a cake, a Lego house or a company, a computer programme or a poem… The product must be able to be shown, discussed, examined, probed and admired!

Here are some of the main skills developed during our Lego Team Building:

  • cooperation
  • communication
  • leadership
  • distribution of tasks
  • time and resource management
  • opportunity to express oneself

Sounds like too serious a task? Don’t worry! Our formats, in addition to the training element (added according to the client’s needs and requirements), include a lot of fun and relaxation.

An opportunity to do good

Lego Team Building is an opportunity to do good not only for your own team but also for someone else.

Have you ever wondered where the Lego bricks we use in our activities come from? We buy them at the Cavambrosiano in Milan to support the ‘Toys For Food’ initiative. The CAV in fact collects and resells toys, thus transforming them into food. The food purchased is then donated to infants and new mothers in need.  This is a concrete support to those in need, but also another proof of our attention to the issue of sustainability and recycling. A toy that its former owner no longer needs becomes a valuable vehicle for someone else, and for us a team building tool!

We at TeamWorking are proud to support these initiatives with our Team Building. So the Lego toys we use during our activities become something more: an opportunity to convey a message of community and support in helping those in need!

Toys for food
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