Lego Team Building: build the Team… with Lego bricks

What do you say about spending an afternoon in a comfortable and fun setting, having as main purpose to… play with Lego bricks? For us it’s always a pleasure to organize a Lego Team Building, a creative activity capable of representing in space the company and its mission!

The 3 “C”: Creativity, Cooperation and Construction of relationships (and of Lego creations!) are probably the best words to describe this Team Engineering format: Lego Team Building.



The aim of Lego Team Building?

Purpose of this team building format is to create relationships between team’s members and highlight the importance of communication and teamwork in our everyday professional life. Working in little groups and facing unusual, small but challenging trials are the elements from which we start our training. Just a few minutes and participants feel completely free to express themselves and share emotions and thoughts without filters.

Creative Team Building: Lego Team Building Engineering

Creative Team Building: Lego Team Building Engineering

After a few cognitive exercises we come to the clou moment of the day. Participants, divided into groups, are literally covered by thousands of Lego bricks!

The first challenge they must face is that of representing with the bricks some ideas about their working team. We will spend some hours building, dismantling, re-building, designing with great passion and energy! And we must admit: frequently participants’ work produces little masterpieces. Afterwards we can even join forces to represent in a big common construction our concept of the ideal office, company or corporation. This giant work, created by all the team together, can remain as a memory of the day and as a concrete, “living” image of the company’s Vision and Mission.

This format has thus a big training component. Participants, moved into the imaginary Lego world, get to know each other better, communicate and spend time together. This unusual experience is a beautiful mean to escape office routine.


Lego Team Building: the aim?

Creative Team Building Engineering: Lego Team Building

Creative Team Building Engineering: Lego Team Building

These are some of the proficiencies developed during Lego Team Building:

  • teamwork
  • communication
  • leadership
  • division of tasks
  • time and resources management
  • possibility of self-expression.

Does it look like a too serious task? Don’t worry! Our formats, in addition to training components (added according to client’s necessities and needs), always foresee a lot of fun and relax.