Dinner with Murder Team Building

An exciting role game from Agatha Christie’s novels: Dinner with Murder Team Building! This is the only detective teambuilding where participants are at the same time detectives and suspects.

Dinner with Murder is a classic role game that seems to have been invented by Agatha Christie. In the UK it’s still played every weekend in the same hotel when she started it at the end of Twenties. Unlike in any other crime show, in the dinner (or the weekend) with murder every participant has an active role.



Dinner with Murder Team Building: two kinds of game

There are two possibilities: participants can observe the performance of professional actors and guess who is guilty, or they can themselves play the role of all the characters of the story.


Professional actors

If you choose the first possibility, you will have only to enjoy your dinner while the actors will perform in front of you. Participants will be divided in teams and play the role of detectives. They will observe attentively all the moves and the words of the actors, and then try to guess what has happened and who is the murderer. In the end, each team will pronounce its judgment, and then the host will say who is right and who is wrong.


Participants actors

Dinner with Murder with participants playing rolesIf, on the contrary, you want to act your own story, you must choose this second option. There will be a director, who will assign everybody a character and give some indications on how to play it. Everybody will receive indications secretly, so that the colleagues will understand what is happening only from the scenes and the dialogues that will be represented on the stage (or in the restaurant room).

We will find ourselves inside an Agatha Christie’s novel, literally living her characters’ lives and adventures. And one of us will be a murderer! Will you guess who is hiding the terrible truth?..

Focused on a specific aim to reach, participants will put on trial their skills of observation and analysis of details, manage the time and theĀ communication inside the team, negotiate and use all the possible resources to face the proposed situations. It’s a fascinating and engaging experience that will have great positive impact on team working skills.