Christmas Song Creation Team Building

Christmas Song Creation: creating a corporate hymn is always an exciting and creative team building activity. But it is even better if it is done in that very special time of year that is the Christmas season. Making a Christmas Song Creation Team Building means composing a jingle that the corporate team will sing during Christmas dinner… and keep on singing for all the year to come!

Why choosing a Christmas Song Creation?

If you want to organize a corporate team building event for Christmas season, it can be a good idea to realize a Christmas Song Creation. It can be done directly during the corporate celebration, with the creation of a Christmas jingle that will be sung in choir by all the Team. Or before the festive season, in order to prepare participants for the celebration. In both cases, this activity can be crowned by the creation of a real music video. It will be acted and directed by the participants and edited by our operators.

The video will be shown during the corporate Christmas celebration and then afterwards, like a promotional and motivational spot for the most important moments of the year. It can be created afterwards or right during the event. Of course, it won’t cost little… but it will be a beautiful surprise seeing it at the conclusion of the celebration!