Rafting Team Building

Let’s ride the waves

It can be done at all levels, whether on the most raging rapids or on quiet trails. Using rafting as team building to ride the waves of the rapids is one of the most exciting activities we can offer you!

Team Building Rafting is a simple and affordable way for everyone to have a truly unforgettable river experience during a corporate team building.

In order to engage in this adventure, you just need to know how to swim and have the desire to share unique and engaging sensations with the group.

One can choose from different routes depending on the difficulty the team wants to face. Variable are the conditions of the river, the time one has available and the type of route one is brave enough to tackle.

Of course, before each descent a guide instructs the crew and explains maneuvers and safety measures in order to introduce even the most inexperienced to the main techniques of river navigation.

What’s the right clothing for Rafting?

A wetsuit and neoprene shoes, helmet, buoyancy aid and water jacket are provided. All clothing is strictly compulsory, especially head protection helmet and life jacket.


What is the point of organizing a Rafting Team Building?

River rapids are unpredictable, and as much as one is in “protected” conditions, the team is for all intents and purposes in the middle of a river with a dinghy. Many business metaphors:

  • Crisis Management (eventual man in the water)
  • Execution (quickly pull the man out of the water!)
  • Coordination (paddling all together saves the Team’s energy)
  • Leadership (the leader leads the Team)
  • Confidence (if the Team does not follow directions thoroughly, rapids become much more challenging)
  • Energy (the adrenaline and excitement makes the heart beat faster)
  • Union (the Raft can also tip over if the team is not in balanced trim).
rafting team building
rafting team building
rafting team building
rafting team building

Where was Rafting born?

Historical background: Rafting is a relatively recent sport, officially born in Italy in December 1987 thanks to the will of a group of enthusiasts who, in order to practice, promote and spread this activity, founded in Milan the Italian Rafting Association: this step represents the official debut in our country of a discipline whose first National Championship takes place in 1988 with the participation of 15 boats (a number that has been increasing more and more from then to now, hand in hand with the progressive elaboration – now an international reference – of a Technical Competition Regulation).

Rafting derives from the English verb “to raft,” meaning “to sail on a raft“: in fact, sports enthusiasts try their hand at descending tumultuous rapids and torrents aboard a dinghy. Contrary to appearances, descending and overcoming impassable streams is not a particularly dangerous sport, if one knows special techniques for dealing with obstacles and difficulties.

The idea of ascending and traversing streams, rivers and rapids in “pneumatic boats” (formerly leather wineskins inflated with air, today inflatable boats with pneumatic keels constructed of materials resistant to wear and impact) has its roots, not for sporting purposes but out of necessity, in the time of the ancient Babylonians. In the United States, this discipline traces its origins to the ancient tradition of Indians and explorers fording inhospitable waterways aboard adventurous wooden and leather-covered canoes, until it morphed into the sport (which landed in Europe in the 1980s) that today attracts more and more thrill-seekers and “nature challenge” enthusiasts.

What are you waiting for? Go on an adventure with our Rafting!