Rafting Team Building

Using a raft to ride the waves of the most thrilling rapids! Rafting Team Building is a simple and accessible to everyone mean to live a really unforgettable experience during a company Team Building.

To face this adventure is sufficient to be able to swim and inclined to share with the group unique and captivating sensations.

There are different routes according to the difficulty that the team wants to face. Variables are the condition of the river, the time available and the kind of declivity. A guide instructs the crew showing the maneuvers and the safety measures, to introduce even the most inexperienced to the main techniques of river sailing.


Clothes for Rafting

We will provide diving suit and shoes in neoprene, helmet, buoyancy aid and water jacket. All the garments are obligatory, in particular the safety helmet and the life jacket.


Why to choose Rafting Team Building?

The river rapids are unpredictable and, however the conditions are ‘protected’, the team is literally on a raft in the middle of a river. There are many metaphors of the office work:

  • Crisis management (man in water)
  • Execution (taking quickly the man out of the water)
  • Coordination (rowing all together to save energies)
  • Leadership (the Leader guides the Team)
  • Trust (if the team doesn’t follow the guidelines, the rapids become much more challenging)
  • Energy (adrenaline and emotion make your heart beat faster)
  • Union (the raft can capsize if the team is not well balanced).