Urban Movie Making Team Building: a Film in the City

A variety of Scavenger Hunt that would add some creativity to the pleasure of visiting a beautiful city, maybe an art city in Italy or Europe? Here it is: Urban Movie Making team building! We have already tried this format in Milan, Venice and Rome and we can’t wait to continue our conquest of Italy… and world!

Urban Movie Making a VeneziaWith materials and technical support we will provide, participants will film their impressions of the city. They will thus create a commercial spot or a real short film with a basic idea, a plot and some protagonists. First of all they will decide the concept and write down the screenplay. Then they will choose whose of them who will be actors and the ones who, on the contrary, will stand behind the camera. Each roles are very important, because the success will depend on the united efforts of everybody! Moreover, some will have to take care of music and special effects, to make our spot a real little jewel of cinema.

Action! Let’s test our creativity. Take a look at this example of Urban Movie!



Team Building factors in this activity is, first of all, the necessity of dividing the roles inside the group. It’s also very important to communicate and share ideas without rigid hierarchies. Not even the greatest director can create a movie without his team!