Treasure Hunt Team Building with the iPad

Urban Game iPad or City Game iPad is one of our most popular team building formats. It is an exciting adventure that puts participants in another dimension. They will walk through the oldest parts of cities and take photos and videos with the latest technology. In fact, this is one of the activities we often recommend first when asked for an outdoor Team Building.

In the Team Building Urban Game with iPad, technology is put at the service of the team to create an unforgettable corporate event!

As you may have guessed, the special feature of this type of Urban Game is the use of an iPad during the treasure hunt. Teams are given an iPad during the brief, thanks to which they will make their route through the city streets much more interactive. Photos, videos, a geolocalised map, augmented reality effects and many other surprises await the team.

Team Building Urban Game iPad: Why do we suggest it?

Because it is perfect for being outdoors and visiting the city by walking around and touching lesser-known places. Places that are hidden and mysterious but full of curiosities to be discovered. If team members need to regain their sense of direction because everyone is going their own way and there is a feeling of not being able to communicate or collaborate, this is the best opportunity to improve team skills and teamwork.

It is definitely the best way to rediscover team spirit!


The group is usually divided into smaller teams. Depending on organisational requirements, they can vary from 5 to 15 people each and each team follows a different customised route. With the Urban Game iPad, the route is indicated by a geolocalised app installed on the iPad. This will lead the participants to the city and give them tests and quizzes to pass. The iPad will be the only tool available to the group for orientation. It will indicate the places to be reached, but on several occasions each team will be able to decide for itself which route to choose.

In addition to the possibility of doing challenges, creative activities and taking quizzes (all customisable according to the company’s requirements), there is also the possibility of sending messages between groups or receiving messages or video-messages from important people inside or outside the company.

Take note, this activity is not about speed but about creativity and fun!

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Caccia al Tesoro con iPad

Why is this activity so special?

This activity is special because it allows participants to walk through the hidden streets of small, traditional towns. It is an opportunity not only to explore the town but also to learn how to rely on teammates to win the race and have an extraordinary experience.

Urban teambuilding is a great source of fun and entertainment, but that’s not all! It also allows you to improve:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication (especially when it comes to intercultural or multicultural teams)
  • Integration
  • Problem solving
  • Imagination and thinking ‘outside the box’

Aaugmented reality

In recent years, many of us have discovered augmented reality. This is a visual effect that uses the camera of our device (phone or, as in this case, iPad) to show on the screen elements that we can actually see around us (buildings, trees or people) and also adds to them elements that we don’t actually see.

By framing an image, we can see another one appear in its place, or even see it come alive in a video! But there’s more, we can also see a 3D object appear in front of us and we can rotate it and look at it from all sides. It will usually be ‘flying’ above us and the team members will have to ‘capture’ it with the iPad. The captured object will then be present in the inventory and will in turn allow participants to unlock clues or evidence.

The iPad allows for an up-to-date, technological approach, making the discovery of a new city a way to have fun, get together and share emotions!

So, with our Team Building Treasure Hunt with iPad, participants can use iPads during the activity to:

  • chat with other teams
  • take photographs during the activity
  • shoot short videos
  • receive tips
  • send images
  • challenge other teams in small games
  • experimenting with augmented reality.
Urban Team Building: Urban Game iPad

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