Treasure Hunt in Venice: gondolas and carnival masks

A City Game in a wonderful frame! Let’s visit Venice in an unusual way, by doing a treasure hunt that will bring you to traverse all the city with discoveries and creative activities. Treasure Hunt in Venice is all of this and much more!



What will we do?

Venice is one of the cities that better suit our Urban Game format. Its peculiarity as a water city, its long and rich history, its narrow streets and its mysteries make it one of the most fascinating places of our planet. Also the Carnival and the Film Festival attract tourists and stimulate curiosity. And, last but not least, Venice is definitely the most romantic place in the world!


Treasure Hunt in Venice with iPad

TeamWorking a VeneziaThere are a lot of mysterious stories around Venice. Ancient legends, mythical stories like Giacomo Casanova’s escape from doge’s prison, Taro major Arcana appearing on the walls… This city has many secrets to reveal, and we want to discover them all in our Treasure Hunt in Venice!

Visiting all the islands of Venice, San Marco, the astronomic clock, the suggestive Acqua Alta bookshop, the bell tower, the tour in gondola and even the aperitivo in the central square with the typical venetian Spritz. All of these can be steps of the most classical city tour! But, if we choose to experience a city game, they will turn into milestones of an original and thrilling path. Especially if the iPad will guide us and let us experience augmented reality effects… Or if we will choose Venice as location to create our Urban Movie!