Treasure Hunt in Sicily

Beauties of Sicily attract tourists from all around the globe. Greek and Latin antiquities, sea, sun and local food: Sicily is a place to discover. And what if a standard tour doesn’t satisfy us any more? What if we’d like to experience on the island a real adventure, maybe with our company team? Everything is possible… with our Treasure Hunt in Sicily urban game!



Catania - piazza del Duomo e fontana dell'elefanteThis city with its history of many thousands of years (in fact, it was founded by Chalcidians in 729 BC) offers a lot of places to visit and a lot of secrets to reveal. Catania is fascinating because of its location near Etna volcano, that influenced deeply its history. In 1693, an eruption literally buried the city under the lava and conserved in the underground the ancient streets and houses. The underground, which through the centuries was witness of love intrigues between monks and nuns, served as a hiding place for brigands and as a treasure for art lovers, is reachable from some points of the town… that we’ll have to discover!

One of the most famous monuments of the city is, on the contrary, in plain sight in the middle of Duomo squadre: Amenano fountain, crowned by an elephant figure in lava rock. This is the symbol of of the town. According to historians, the elephants was a cult object in an oriental temple before Christianity. Brought outside of the city walls by the first Christians, afterwards it was recovered and situated in various point of the town, until finally in 1727 it found its actual position.

Uno dei monumenti più celebri della città si trova invece in bella vista in mezzo alla piazza del Duomo: la fontana dell’Amenano, coronata da una figura di elefante di pietra lavica. Questo animale è considerato il simbolo di Catania. Secondo gli storici, prima dell’avvento del cristianesimo la statua si trovava in un tempio orientale come oggetto di culto. Portata fuori dalle mura dai primi cristiani, fu in seguito recuperata e ricollocata in vari punti della città, fino ad approdare nel 1727 alla sua posizione attuale.

But this is history, while legend is way more fascinating. The statue seems to be connected with the figure of Eliodoro, who lived there in 8th century AC. Eliodoro dreamed of becoming the city bishop but, not having success, made a pact with the devil and became the most famous magician. With the lava of the Etna he created the elephant and used to traverse the city on its back, playing bad tricks to its inhabitants.

Will we be able to follow the traces of the maleficent Eliodoro and of his elephant and to discover his more hidden esoteric secrets?.. We will discover it as soon as we start our adventure!



Teatro greco e vista sul mare a TaorminaOur Treasure Hunt in Sicily continues in another town near Etna. One of the main touristic destinations of the european Grand Tour, Taormina has never lost its appeal. In the XX century it became a colony of artists, writers and intellectuals from all around the world. For example? D.H. Lawrence, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais.

We can thus organize in Taormina a scavenger hunt following the traces of these famous people. But there are a lot of other things to do! From the beautiful beach, a cableway brings to the medieval town, visited by many tourists and rich of typical shops. Just a few steps from the center and we can see the Roman theatre dug in the rock. It’s one of the biggest in Sicily and was very famous during Romanticism for its decadent and abandoned appearance. It’s a charming location, that seems to have been created on purpose to host a exciting scavenger hunt!


Siracusa and Ortigia

L'isola di Ortigia a SiracusaSiracusa is one of the major cities of the island, rich in monuments to visit. Native town of Archimedes, it was founded by Greeks and conquered by Romans. In the VI century it became the capital of the Bizantine empire, until it was conquered by Arabs in 878. A city bringing the signs of this thrilling history is an obligated milestone for every tourist visiting Sicily!

It’s particularly famous the Greek theatre, one of the best conserved and used until today as a stage for performances. In midsummer nights the amphitheater hosts actors and spectators in shows frequently inspired by Greek and Latin antiquities. A place to visit in your incentive tour or during our Urban Game!

Despite its centuries of history, Siracusa is today a very active city, to be lived during the day but also in the night. Especially Ortigia island, located in the city center, is the favorite destination of young people. A cocktail to sip in front of the sea: which better conclusion we could find for our Treasure Hunt in Sicily?!