Treasure Hunt in Istanbul

Treasure Hunt in Istanbul is an unforgettable adventure with scent of Orient! Thanks to its unique charm Istanbul became the world’s fifth-most-popular tourist destination. The mixture of cultures and its incredible history, influenced by Roman, Byzantine, Latin and finally Ottoman Empire, make it a perfect place to live an unforgettable adventure.



The participants of our scavenger hunt, divided into teams, will set off to conquer the city. Equipped with maps, lists of tasks to accomplish, and/or iPads, they have an opportunity to experience Istanbul in an extraordinary way. Mosques, churches, bazaars are just some showplaces that are waiting for them!

Treasure Hunt in Istanbul: mysteries and traditions

We will get lost (of course, in the figurative sense of the word!) in a labyrinth of about 3500 shops of the Grand Bazaar, that present a wide selection of leather, antiques, jewelry, souvenirs, local dainties and handmade carpets. Also we will have the chance to taste typical food, learn local traditions, and interact with natives who will help us to find out all the secrets and mysteries of Istanbul.