Street Orienteering Team Building

Imagine to find yourself in an unknown city, maybe a foreign one, with a map in your hand and a sequence of creative tasks to perform during your tour. How would you feel: intimidated? Frightened? Maybe you’d give up?… But what if you were there with your most loyal colleagues. With their help, would you throw yourself into adventure to discover unknown places and spend an outstanding afternoon? If your attitude is the last one, we are waiting for you in our new experiential format, Street Orienteering Team Building!

Street Orienteering Team BuildingAs usual, this team building is a challenge between different teams. They will have to cross the finish line in less time possible, but also to complete creative, fun and training activities. To do so they will have to trust the map, their intuition, and manage to get some help from inhabitants and tourists of the place.

No one will remain alone: Street Orienteering Team Building is a teambuilding activity, therefore team game is very important. The creative tasks, in fact, will regard all the group as a whole and will be impossible to be performed without collaborating.

So, it will be an experience of exploration, interaction, engagement, fun and… a lot of unexpected events! But also of great satisfaction. If you are able to survive an afternoon in a modern metropolis that you know nothing about, no desert island will frighten you!