Urban Game Da Vinci Code in Milan and the Secret Supper

We visited Rome with Angels and Demons Treasure Hunt, Florence with our Inferno format… and now we come back to our home town with the team building Urban Game Da Vinci Code in Milan!

Urban Game a Milano Codice da VinciNot only Dan Brown speaks of Leonardo Da Vinci’s secrets. Equally thrilling, even though less famous, is the historical novel by Javier Sierra, The Secret Supper. It narrates birth and creation of Da Vinci’s masterpiece. The author reveals a secret code hidden inside this famous painting. Just like the characters of the story, the participants of our treasure hunt in Milan inspired by Da Vinci Code will have to guess the secret that the great master has hidden. They will reconstruct and solve the riddles that Leonardo used to present to his pupils, follow the traces of the Renaissance genius, discover anecdotes and curiosities.

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