Theatre Training Team Building

Theatre is a magic place where we can become everything we want. Let’s try it with our team of colleagues in the Theatre Training team building by TeamWorking!



Theatre Training Team Building is more and more used by companies. That’s because, thanks to its apparent levity and its infinite possibilities of expression, it lets appear imaginary characters and situations that in many cases help bringing to surface and solving hidden tensions. From guided improvisation to cabaret sketches, from playing a scene to performing a real mini show, it’s always a fun and engaging way to make a team.


Why does Team Theatre work?

Team Building TheatreTeam Theatre is particularly engaging from a personal point of view. This activity works on the group on physical, sensitive and mental level. It improves team work because of the new kind of interaction it establishes between people. Participants observe each other in situations and circumstances where can appear details of personality usually hidden in working context.

Theatrical fiction helps to concentrate strong emotions in little time. It becomes a moment of experimentation, of trying on infinite original “masks”.

Given the flexibility of method and its potentiality of applications, we can integrate this format in many other team building activities. The time length can be more or less, the activity can be “comical” or “tragical”. It’s especially recommended when in the group there are “histrionic” characters that can help others to start acting and interacting.