What Team Coaching is?

An efficient and well managed Team will improve considerably individual performances. That’s why Team Integration and Team Coaching are the main instruments with which a company can reach its business objectives. How? Discovering and promoting the contribution of individuals, improving communication, time management and division of tasks inside the Team.


Team Integration: improving team’s performance

Team IntegrationTeam Coaching is the instrument that facilitates to improve the team performance. By means of a Team Integration process we guide the Team during the transition from individual vision, rotating around one’s competences and ways of thinking, to a global vision focused on developing of potentialities that will be useful for the team.

In the first place we outline the the individual profile of each member of the group as an individual. In the second place we outline a team profile as a whole, taken as an indivisible whole. Each member of the team becomes aware of his/her own potentialities and those of others, and can develop in the most effective way the competences that are useful for the group.

Which these potentialities are? For example, the ability of mutual listening, of creating harmonious interpersonal relationships, of defining rules and roles. Furthermore, Team Coaching supports the developing of qualities of the Team Leader as catalyst of the process of improving team’s performance.

Team Coaching program

A Team Coaching program is articulated in different theoretical and practical steps. After we have created an individual profile for each member of the team and a team profile as a whole, we proceed to verify and improve team’s potentialities through dynamic, sportive and/or creative experiential activities. It’s only “on the field” that qualities of a working team express themselves and get better: that’s why we choose to do Experiential Training. Our team building activities are part of this step of Team Coaching program. In particular, here we prefer musical and creative activities.

After the experiential activities, we put the Team to test in more difficult and demanding conditions. It happens during a Challenge Day. We can have extreme sportive team building activities like Survival, Orienteering, Rafting or even Igloo Building.

The difference between a Team Coaching program and a simple team building format is in the constant monitoring of progresses and reached results. It happens periodically, in some particular days. Another moment of check and control there is at the end of the program. Then we proceed to celebrate the goals we have reached, through different Team Cooking activities, Cocktail Challenge or Wine Games.

Team Coaching Program

Vertical and horizontal Team Coaching

Vertical team coaching is a process involving the Team and its Leader. The group is composed by people who usually work together.

Horizontal team coaching, also known as Peer Coaching, is a process involving people of same hierarchical level, of the same company or not. In the case of an internal Peer Coaching, team members often belong to different business units. They are people who have the same function, similar responsibilities, but aren’t used to working together.