Survival Training Team Building: adventures in the mountains

In Summer or Winter, it’s always time to try a team building in the mountains! And Survival Training Team Building is one of the most thrilling activities you can try during a session of experiential training.


Survival Training Team Building: an extreme experience

Outdoor Survival Team BuildingThanks to our professional trainers you will learn how to get by difficult and even “extreme” situations!

Contact with nature is by itself fantastic and highly stimulating. Alpine setting and presence of snow add value to this activity, in both its playful and training aspects.

Survival Training forces participants to solve specific problems. Thus they learn how to face hard corporate dynamics in a positive and propositive way.

Working in team will let us reach the goal by first! During a Survival Team Building in the mountains, instinct is basically important for the “surviving” of the group. In the activity emerge relationship dynamics, while participants face together the difficulties of climate and setting.



On the snow it’s even more thrilling!

The possibility of setting this activity in Winter, in presence of snow, makes this team building even more adventurous and exciting! In winter we offer also other similar activities, like Igloo Building and Snow Orienteering.