Rugby Team Building?

Rugby is a sport which actions, game scheme, values present many analogies with corporate life. Just like that, it is based on competition, team work and reaching of aims. That’s why doing team building through rugby is really effective. This game is similar to chess… with a bit of violence that we don’t introduce in our activity of Rugby Team Building!


A gentlemen’s sport

Rugby Team BuildingOne amateur and elitist game, now rugby has more and more success. Besides professional men’s a women’s teams, we find minirugby for kids. Cinema and television also often treat this sport.

Rugby is a game that requires a lot of contact between players, that’s why it can seem particularly violent. But this is an illusion: it’s precisely this characteristic that constrains players to a rigorous sportive behavior. The smallest violation of the rules can provoke serious damages to health. In order to avoid injuries, rugby’s rules also become more and more strict.

That’s why rugby can give example to creation of an effective company team, where the desire to obtain the maximum won’t bring to abuses. Mutual respect and conforming to rules are values that this game’s tradition will bring into Rugby Team Building.