Orienteering Training Team Building: orienteering in Milan

Orienteering Training Team Building is often done in arduous places like mountains and woods, or even in the desert. But what if we didn’t want to go that far? No problem! TeamWorking offers the possibility to test our sense of orienteering in much more pleasant and easily reachable regions. It’s an occasion to let emerge aspects of Leadership, Decision Making and Teamwork in a nice natural context.

Take a look at this short video trailer about a day when we had a lot of fun, but also worked hard under the sun:



The main point of Orienteering done as a Training for the corporate team is that of observing and improving communication and team play. Special Orienteering coaches observe the interaction between the team’s members during the activity. At the end of the day they are ready to give an opinion about the problems and the possible solutions for the team. The capabilities trained by this team building are the following:

  • choosing of a common strategy
  • problem solving
  • mutual help
  • leadership.

Where and when?

Orienteering Training Team Building is practicable from Spring to Fall, without need of particular physical talents or athletic preparation. Try is right now with your Team!