Desert Training Team Building: Exploring the Desert

A way to explore new cultures, find new dimensions and discover territories not just like tourists. An adventure at the limit of extreme sport, Desert Training Team Building puts to trial resistance and nerve of the team!



Our expert in the desert: Max Calderan

Max Calderan Desert Training Team BuildingIn our adventures we have at our side a great expert of the desert: Max Mahdi Calderan, a famous Italian extreme explorer. He’s also author of books on desert training like The force within (new edition 2016). He covered by feet a lot of desert areas, running, stopping only for microcycles of sleep of 20-25 minutes.

His secret? Mental force, which allows to exploit all the potential of human body and mind! In fact, our body hides capacities and forces we wouldn’t believe possible, but that reveal themselves in extreme conditions. Running in the desert,¬†where it’s hot by day and cold by night, without resting nor eating, it’s precisely the occasion to show all our body’s possibilities.


Desert Training Team Building: the activities

Traveling in the desert with our team, with a car, a motorcycle or sometimes by feet, it’s a great mean to live a really unforgettable experience and to create team spirit that won’t go away fro a while. Mutual help and trust in each other will let us surpass the hard climate conditions.

A priceless experience that will leave breathtaking memories (and photos)!