Business climate and Environment

Climate and Environment are two other very important aspects within a successful business.

What is Climate in relation to a business?

We often talk about business and work settings (methods, results and goals). Much less often, however, we talk about climate and the environment, or rather, we talk about it only if it becomes unsustainable.

So, since for climate there is no real thermometer or single parameter to refer to, how do we work on these intangible situations? What to do when this becomes burdensome?

  1. The first step is to create situations whereby people feel comfortable, free to talk and share, create a situation that moves them from their work environment.
  2. The second step is to create the conditions for there to be a listening situation. Being ready to understand that what is going to be said must first of all be welcomed, whatever comes, must be welcomed because it is part of a situation of growth. Not all moments of sharing can be happy and enthusiastic, but nonetheless they are the ones where you grow the most because somehow you work on the differences, on the edges, on what hurts.
  3. The last step is the time dedicated to speaking about problems that, if not shared, can turn into strong discomforts. After sharing, however, there must always be a time to process what is said. It must be managed so that it becomes a time of togetherness.

Once you have performed these three not-easy steps, you try to work on launching a bridge to the future from that moment on, whatever condition you have arrived in, you have to work on the fact that everything that has separated us so far can become a moment of continuity bringing us to a higher level of understanding.

Why is this important?

Working on climate is crucial: living in a climate of tension or distress leads people to feel and perform poorly. Working in advance on what are the most influential variables, such as communication, conversation and the sharing of even playful moments, ensures that the best conditions are created for a better business outcome.

Climate and Theatre activity

Creating the conditions for us to open up is by no means simple. One of the stratagems that we use is that of theatre team building, which is the metaphor of becoming someone else or immersing oneself in states of mind other than those in which one is.

What is it for? The ability to manage one’s moods is crucial for several reasons, one of them being that the ability to change approach, vision, vibration, affects not only our own mood but also that of the people around us. Just as laughter is contagious, so is a bad mood. Noticing what state of mind we are in and activating the conditions whereby we can change it positively are certainly very powerful weapons for us and for others.

Another of the aspects we work on is communication: how people can communicate, the words to use and not to use. It is all part of a code that, through the language of theater, can come out and be worked with joy and irony.

The tool of irony has a flood of applications in that we are not the ones who feel judged but we shift the focus to a third character we have invented but who corresponds exactly to who we are. Rather than the play, then, we work on how to share, how to relate to others, or how we can turn relationships into something that can resemble something useful.

And what is Environment?

Once all other issues have been established, that leaves the environment, which is of great importance. When working in factories, for example, the environment was toxic, dark, dangerous so clearly there were many difficulties. Now, the environments have completely transformed but it still remains important to have opportunities to regenerate through the environment.


By environment, however, we mean not only the physical place of work, but also the mode of approach and culture. Having a place where people want to work, share and give their best makes it possible for people to generate positive energy that charges the team, the company and the customers.

Other details with respect to the environment can be the means that are used, the company pages, communications. It is important that everything that is valuable to the company is remembered. The dream needs to be regenerated every day.

Why do we wake up in the morning? Because there is something worth fighting for. It is not always clear, but when this motivation fails it is important to have something around us to remind us of it, to remind us of who we were. It can be a picture of an event, a product, or a satisfaction we have achieved.

Environment is: spaces, means, communication, culture and approach.

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