Online Escape Room

Escape from the Room or Labyrinth

Online Team Building: Escape Room

For the first time in digital, the format will consist of a series of puzzles and riddles to be solved together with one’s colleagues.

The team will have to follow a path consisting of a series of web pages through which to untangle themselves in order to reach the final destination and succeed in their escape from the Escape Room.

This format is suitable for reconnecting team members and developing team skills such as problem solving communication and sense of togetherness. 

The work of solving various online puzzles, requires concentration, collaboration, speed, strategy and Time Management. When faced with each puzzle, the team will have to decide quickly whether to ask for help that will cost minutes or to try to enter the solution and risk getting it wrong. In case of a wrong solution they will receive a penalty.


Once in front of the PC, participants will be faced with a series of virtual rooms and will have to search for a way out using each element of the structure and solving codes, puzzles, and riddles. In order to successfully complete the game, participants must arrange the escape within a set time limit.

In this activity, the common thread will always be the corporate relationship: colleagues will have to collaborate and make all their skills available to others. This is an innovative way to work on concepts of Diversity and Inclusion as well as an opportunity to improve various aspects of communication, which has certainly changed in ways and quality in recent months.

Digital escape room: challenging yourself

Near or far, this Online Team Building format is great for possibly observing communication, engagement and leadership skills.

Getting out of the day-to-day grind of work, collaborating all together by fully immersing oneself in solving puzzles at a distance and without distractions is not easy at all. It engages the mind and turns it completely focused on the event.

Each participant will have a way to share his or her ideas and reflections with others via the designated platform. It will come to recreate even online that unity and teamwork that will enable puzzle solving and “escape from the virtual room”.

Don’t miss your chance to try this new format!

Escape room: many themes to choose from

For your Escape Room, you can choose from several different themes. The absolute most popular ones are the horror and mystery theme, such as an Escape Room about Saw or about a mysterious hacker threatening humanity.

But not only that, in addition to these two genres, we also offer the possibility of doing an Escape Room on the divinatory arts, such as astrology, or on esotericism, with numerology. Numerology refers to that branch of esotericism that ascribes to numbers not only a purely quantitative and mathematical value, but also, above all, a quality, relating them to aspects of nature and human beings.

There will be mazes, puzzles, games and riddles to solve, all within a limited time. Will the team be able to get out alive and solve the Escape Room?

How to choose an escape room theme for your team?

When you need to choose the right theme for your team:

  • Consider the interests of all team members.
  • Don’t just consider the themes that interest you, but also think about the goals you prefer.
  • Try something new: If you have already completed a mystery-themed escape room, it may be time to change and try a horror or numerology room.

Whatever theme you choose, the team is sure to have fun and get to know each other in a different way than usual.

Escape Room: what are the goals?

The goal of this activity is to stimulate the mind, intuition and logic. It is also an important activity in terms of team building, team building.

In fact, collaboration among all participants is an indispensable factor in solving puzzles and successfully completing the game.

One factor that plays a relevant role is time. Therefore, communication, leadership, and time management are crucial for successful completion of the activity. Necessary to be able to observe and keep track of everything that happens, so that nothing is left to chance.

escape room 600x400

And what skills can be learned?

  • Communication: in order to get out of the room as winners participants need to find a solution. Through communication, it will be possible to exchange opinions and hypotheses, up to the final decision. It is obvious to specify the importance of this ability also within the company as it is fundamental to achieve a good communication level, to grow and improve.
  • Leadership: it means the ability to take control and guide the various elements of a team. In every company it is essential to find the right person to fill this role. The Escape Room allows the Team to do it naturally and spontaneously, without injustices of any kind.
  • Lateral Thinking: thinking outside the box is sometimes seen as a quality to be hidden rather than highlighted. Within a team, however, it is right to consider all the hypotheses before arriving at a solution. In the Escape Room there are many puzzles for which you will need to evaluate any suggestions. Even the strangest one could prove to be reliable, so why not learn and adopt this system even within the company?
  • Listening skills:all participants and team members have a voice. Not listening to even one of them (perhaps the one with the right solution) could decree failure. And even if everyone is wrong, the attempt is still appreciable. A good leader and a good team can listen and evaluate accordingly.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: with each trap revealed, the team celebrates in a symbolic virtual hug, increasing their sense of participation and supporting one another. Even at a distance, this friendly environment helps to consolidate a solid corporate team.
Don’t miss your chance to try this new format!

Some Considerations on Remote Team Building

As a result of the digitization of activities and the development of Smart Working, working remotely is now possible and increasingly common, thanks to the ever more widespread technology and the new and countless tools that the Internet makes available such as Zoom or MS Teams.

The realization that the world is moving and technological breakthroughs do not stop, that work teams can have members from all over the world collaborating virtually, and for this they can also participate in our Online Team Building. We have coined a name: Stream Building. Among these activities, of Team Building Escape Room Online is among our favorites.