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Paper Recycling

What can we actually do to spread the value of sustainability?

At a time when it is increasingly important to think about environmental protection and sustainability, we as a company have often asked ourselves this question, trying to understand how we can ensure that ‘sustainability’ and ‘social responsibility’ do not remain just words.

At Teamworking, we firmly believe that Corporate Social Responsibility can be applied in everyday life and that it is therefore increasingly important to talk and educate about sustainable development. Of course, always doing it in a fun and engaging way for the team!

How does this eco-friendly Team Building take place?

For this activity, you don’t need a lot of materials and the steps are very simple, in fact, once you have listened to the explanation, you will be able to reproduce it easily even on your own.


First, after collecting the paper to be used, it is important to cut it into small pieces and soak it in water to dissolve it. This may be the longest and most tedious process, but it is nevertheless great for getting together and getting to know each other better.


The second step is to take basins full of water, throw the melted paper into them and stir it with your hand. Then, take a purpose-built mini-tray and collect the pieces of soft paper on it, letting the water drain out, a bit like a sieve.


As a last step, the edges of the sieve need to be wiped clean to give the paper as rectangular a shape as possible and tipped onto a stable surface. Finally, with a sponge, tap the back of the frame to collect and remove excess water so that the paper dries as quickly as possible.


There, now there is nothing left to do but wait for it to dry!

What makes the activity even more creative, however, is that colours or flowers, spices or leaves can be added to the sheet of paper so that it becomes as original and unique as possible. Divided into groups, you can indulge in all sorts of ways to create coloured paper, imagining the most varied shapes and colours.


True, team building activities are useful for companies, managers and employees, but why not try to do something more? Why not think about doing something good for others, for nature and the environment?

Ecological Team Building is a category that helps make our actions useful, bringing together all those social initiatives that aim to raise awareness of the most important issues of our present: such as social and ecological issues. All this, of course, without neglecting fun and team spirit.

At the end of the activity, all participants will realise that their team will have done not only a good job, but also one of great importance for the environment. It will certainly be an ennobling experience that will give new impetus to the work of the team as well as that of individuals.

Paper Recycling Team Building: but what are the benefits for the team?

Although the aspects of ecology, sustainability and recycling are the three most important in this activity, they are not the only ones to be taken into account. In fact, the team will also benefit greatly from choosing Paper Recycling ecological team building!

What will these benefits be?

  • Improved communication between team members
  • Integration of the team
  • Creation of awareness
  • Building corporate social responsibility
  • Increasing consistency with company values

And let’s not forget that the recycled sheets can then be taken home and used conveniently, remaining as a reminder of the good deed done!

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