Team Building Birdhouse Building

Building Birdhouses

There is a lot of talk about migrants these days, but without getting into political issues, we prefer to deal with those beings that have always migrated and are always welcome in any country: migratory birds.

We at TeamWorking have always been attentive to the issues of ecology and sustainability. Our new project, Team Building Birdhouse – Building Birdhouses, aims to provide protection for migratory birds. The birds arrive in our country after a long and gruelling journey, in which they travel tens of thousands of kilometres. Here they make their nests and lay their eggs, but often risk losing them due to changes in temperature. The eggs, in fact, are delicate and particularly sensitive to excessive heat and cold, so they need protection!

That is why as a new social and eco-friendly activity we have decided to propose the Birdhouse Building activity. Using recycled and/or makeshift materials, the participating teams will set to work to give concrete help to migratory birds.

This social and ecological team building format will be a creative, concrete and ecological activity, but also and above all a team exercise that will facilitate communication and improve the atmosphere in the team. The awareness of having accomplished a good work will give a greater sense of belonging to one group and fill people with pride in their team and their company.

The benefits of Birdhouse team building are not only spiritual: there are also absolutely concrete benefits for the environment.

Team Building Sociale ed Ecologico: Birdhouse Building - casette per uccellini

The birdhouses produced can be placed in the places where migratory birds pass through, and will welcome their new inhabitants with conveniently usable spaces for nesting and laying eggs.

In short, thanks to this team building we will all contribute together to improving the environment and the life expectancy of the birds!

birdhouse building
What can we actually do to spread the value of sustainability?


At a time when it is increasingly important to think about environmental protection and sustainability, we as a company have often asked ourselves this question, trying to understand how we can ensure that ‘sustainability‘ and ‘social responsibility‘ do not remain just words.

At Teamworking, we firmly believe that Corporate Social Responsibility can be applied in everyday life and that it is therefore increasingly important to talk and educate about sustainable development. Of course, always doing it in a fun and engaging way for the team!

True, Team Building activities are useful for companies, managers and employees, but why not try to do something more? Why not think about doing something good for others, for nature, for the environment or for people in need?

Social Team Building is a category that helps to make our actions useful, bringing together all those social initiatives that aim to raise awareness of the most important issues of our present: such as social and ecological issues. All this, of course, without neglecting fun and team spirit.

At the end of the activity, all participants will realise that their team will have done not only a good job, but also one of great importance for the environment. It will certainly be an ennobling experience that will give new impetus to the work of the team as well as that of individuals.

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Birdhouse Building: but what are the benefits for the team?

Although ecology and sustainability are the two most important aspects in this activity, they are not the only ones to be taken into account. In fact, the team will also benefit greatly from choosing Birdhouse Building social team building!

What will these benefits be?

  • Employee retention
  • Improved communication between team members
  • Integration of the team
  • Teamwork
  • Creation of awareness
  • Building corporate social responsibility
  • Increasing consistency with company values

And don’t forget that the Birdhouses built can then be hung in a green area near the company, or you can decide to donate them to another location. They will remain as a reminder of the good deed done and will brighten up the winter with their colours!

Team Building Sociale - Costruzioni Sociali Casette per Uccelli
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