Music Race Competition

Music Race Competition Team Building is an exciting musical team challenge. Singing, dancing and performing on stage are all the components of this format of Music Team Building. You are great in performing, solo or in choir, the latest summer hit or a great classic of history of rock? But it still isn’t enough! You also must do it better than the other teams. In fact, Music Race Competition is a challenge between rival teams. May the best musician win!


Music Race Competition: music and emotions

Team Building Music Race Competition

Team Building Music Race Competition

Music engages powerfully and lets us experience and share strong emotions. It also communicates with the irrational and creative part of the brain.

That’s why all the musical team building formats are so useful to integrate the team and create team spirit. Participants discover in themselves and in their coworkers talents they would have never believed to exist. Also, they learn to communicate in a more emotional and natural way… and simply have tons of fun!

But Music Race Competition is also a team building challenge. The team must choose in a strategic way the most convenient song to sing according to the composition of the group. Then, they learn by heart the text and produce an effective show. The song can be accompanied by a simple yet impressive choreography. Upon request we can also provide materials for creating scene costumes, make up and real disguises for the team’s members.

We will do whatever we can to let you live for a day an experience like true music stars!