Team Building Music Race Competition

Challenges to the rhythm of music


The Team Building Music Race Competition is an exciting team music competition. Singing, dancing and performing on stage are all components of this music team building format. But it’s not enough to be able to modulate, in chorus and single parts, the catchphrase of the moment or a great music classic. You also have to do it better than the other teams! Music Race Competition is in fact a challenge between teams to music. And may the best team win!

Team Building Music Race Competition: music and emotions

Music intensely engages and acts as an anchor for strong emotions.

  • Thousands of people gather around music.
  • Music cancels many differences and unites very different people.
  • Music communicates with the “irrational” and creative part of the brain.

This is why musical team building formats are so useful for integrating the team and improving team spirit.

Participants discover talents they didn’t think possible in themselves and their colleagues, learn to communicate more emotionally and naturally, and… they simply have a lot of fun!

Team Building Music Race Competition

However, the Team Building Music Race Competition is a tight competition. One must be able to strategically choose the most advantageous song to sing given the composition of the team, learn the lyrics, and produce an effective performance. The singing may be accompanied by choreography that is also simple but has impact. Stage costumes, makeup and actual disguises for team members can also be provided upon request. We do everything to make sure you experience a day as a real music star!

Team Building Dance Dance Dance

How does it take place?

In this team building, participants engage in an all-around musical competition. It is not necessary to be a musician or to be able to sing: each team member contributes to the score with his or her individual skills. Indeed, the advantage of this team building is precisely in the variety of challenges to be faced, which require very different qualities.

Among the challenges that are part of the competition will be an exciting quiz on many different songs, a karaoke test to be performed always as a team, and much more!

For the final performance, participants will be able to use gadgets, disguises, makeup and even wigs to transform themselves into characters worthy of appearing on stage.

In questa maniera potranno uscire dalla comfort zone e confrontarsi con una sfida completamente nuova, che li porterà lontano dalla quotidianità e dalla gerarchia aziendale. Una conseguenza di questo team building saranno i nuovi rapporti e le nuove amicizie tra colleghi. Dopo questa attività, infatti, si saranno conosciuti da un punto di vista differente.

What are the effects of a musical team building?

Musical team building activities are capable of developing many important qualities in corporate, individual and group work. Awareness of one’s role, alignment and collaboration, group motivation, harmony and integration among the different functions of the organization. The ability to help each other, listening to each other, communication, harmony, the energy needed to carry out the project, attention and the ability to put oneself on the line are the fundamental skills that the work team develops during the activity. In addition, the musical approach produces a high level of emotional involvement in the participants, which makes the activity particularly enjoyable and fascinating for everyone.

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