Drumming Team Building

A few hours full of fun and entertainment! Once again we discovered the power of Music Team Building. Drums, improvised instruments and people connected through music: Drumming Team Building is a great opportunity to get to know each other in the nice and joyful atmosphere. It is a tool to discover participants’ personality but, above all, to enjoy the moments spent together.


Percussions as a form of communication

Music, especially percussions, it’s a form of communication and union that bypasses all the conscious barriers and arrives straight to the heart touching our most deep emotions. Drumming Team Building is a musical format where all the participants must take an instrument and play. Also good for big teams. Playing all together like an orchestra: is this an impossible challenge?


How is organized a Drumming Team Building?

Drumming Team BuildingWe will try different instruments, like our own hands and body, maracas and djembe. Every time our guests, like experienced percussionists, will have to discover new instruments and start playing them right away!

With this Music Teambuilding activity we are going to reach a lot of different purposes:

  • sense of union
  • team identity
  • coordination
  • division of roles and responsibilities
  • fun
  • integration.