Team Building Dance Dance Dance

Dancing fun


After music, painting and film, we tested a new artistic format with great impact: dance! The Dance Dance Dance Team Building format takes participants to a dance school to transform them into skilled dancers.

We will prove with this activity that, when you have the desire to dance and lots of energy, you don’t need to have a solid foundation in classical ballet With our talented instructors and a little good will, anything is possible! Even learning to dance from scratch, at any age.

The participants of the format, divided into teams, will take a lesson in a dance style they prefer. We have already proposed tango and various Latin American dances, but also more modern genres such as hip hop. Embarking on partner dances may seem awkward for a group of colleagues, but it is a really effective way to get out of the usual office environment and get to know each other from a different point of view. The originality of this type of team building lies precisely in its ability to uncover qualities we did not suspect in people we meet every day!

Team Building Dance Dance: the lesson and then… the performance!

But ours will certainly not be a simple lesson! During the activity, each group will prepare a short choreography. Then, at the end of the class, everyone will perform on a stage in front of their colleagues.

It will be a dance competition, focusing not so much on the dancers’ ability (which, by the way, will certainly be assessed), but more on the originality of the dance and the energy shown. Only those who can light up the stands will be declared winners!

Team building of this kind, both musical and dance, helps colleagues and the whole team to develop skills such as collaboration, communication and creative skills as they work together to tackle a common challenge.

Team Building Dance Dance Dance

In addition to dancing, the groups will have fantastic costumes to wear. The performance will therefore also be judged on appearance! Originality, courage and a transgressive streak will certainly be rewarded. And then… more often than not, these are couple dances. Therefore, the sensuality of the movements should not be overlooked either. Your team of colleagues will amaze the rest of the company with a performance worthy of the best Broadway stages!

What do you say, shall we give it a try? Turn your team into a real dance troupe with the team building Dance Dance!

Dance with us!