Corporate Song Team Building

A musical and creative format

Among the many Team Building activities, one such activity that allows the company’s values to be set to music is precisely Corporate Song.

In this type of activity, moments of reflection alternate with moments of creativity. The basic idea is the possibility of matching corporate values with the needs of employees.

When there are misunderstandings in a company or the team spirit is not well established, it is good to put the focus on what you want to communicate to the team, but above all it is important to reflect on how to convey the message. By creating a personalized song, it is possible to project employees toward a common outlook, placing the focus on what is really valuable to the company and the team.

And by composing a song, team spirit is strengthened; by searching together for what are the characteristics that unite all members of the group, communication becomes central.

At the same time, through experiential education, we have fun together. Thus, an activity with a playful and creative component, but above all, a formative one.

Very important is that each member of the group, for successful work, has a strong understanding with their leader, his or her ideas, values and goals, in the knowledge that their work is part of something bigger, the achievement of which benefits everyone.

In other words, the goal is to build a bond made of values and emotions, and this musical format fits this task perfectly.

Sing a Song

A song to represent the Team? Is it possible.

Creating a song from scratch that represents your corporate team is a fantastic opportunity to experience the power of music and its long-term benefits. It is possible to build on famous tunes or possibly create an ad hoc one that best reflects the “rhythm” of the company and the group.

In either case, the result will be the same: a personalized song that will echo through the office corridors for years to come. These are some of the additional effects of an activity with a strong emotional impact! The sense of belonging that is created is very powerful: from so many, one will feel like a united group.

Song Creation or Corporate Song is an enjoyable type of Team Building and although it presents a lower adrenaline level than some of our many other proposals, surely the positive impact it will have effects on the individual person, and consequently on the entire company, will be lasting and satisfying.

For a message to get through and reach all colleagues, it is enough to send an e-mail, and yet it is very often misunderstood; but to get everyone to reframe and return the message with respect to what you want to convey, Corporate Song team building is a truly effective activity.

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Song Teambuilding: what are the benefits of a corporate song?

If you try to imagine yourself in the corridors of your office, surely it will come to mind that more than once you have crossed your eyes with the usual familiar faces, but at the same time you will also have happened to see someone you have never met before.

Very often one’s work life is hectic and one does not have time to stop and say hello to those who pass us by, let alone have a chat. The result of this lack of relationships, especially within companies with a large number of employees, could be that of a group that struggles to communicate and fails to pursue the shared goal.

This negative and unsatisfactory image, however, can be replaced with a different vision. So let us now try to imagine this new scene: after experiencing the Teambuilding Corporate Song activity and creating an anthem that best represents who you are, you return the next few days to your place of work and the usual routine begins again. You need to photocopy an important document, so as you walk through all the offices that stand between you and the photocopier you notice that there is something different in the air.


Do you hear it too? There is someone singing the song you composed a few days earlier!

Lasciate che il ritmo vi travolga!

After hearing it, you start singing it too, and lo and behold, in the hallway, the colleague you had never seen before exchanges a smile and starts singing it too!

This is a moment of coming together, feeling part of something is always important, and to learn how to group there is no better way than to start communicating even from just a small refrain that brings you together.

From this it emerges that it is not just the work of a day, but becomes synonymous with working on something that lives on for weeks and months after the team-building activity; a sense of belonging, culture and above all common memories are created.

The goal is to create a metaphor that binds a corporate collective and a choir: many people, one voice. Even better when through song you can convey the values of the company and make them a refrain that is hard to get out of your head.

When and why to participate in a Teambuilding Corporate Song?

Using the passion of music combined with your work is a creative and unusual team building that can be practiced at key moments in a company. When you are going through periods involving strong emotions and there is a concentration of important events, you can opt for this solution.

Through this alternative format and a team coaching course, corporate values can be set to music.

There is nothing more human than music, the only truly universal form of expression. This is why everyone’s favorite artists stir strong emotions.

Do we want to know how they make their songs?

How do they give us those emotions that made us fall in love with them? Music is a limitless tool of expression, and this is also true for any company. Is dynamism at the core of your values? Do you emphasize ethics and integrity as key factors in your business? Whatever characteristics you look for in your employees, this will be able to find expression in your song.

Being able to express on paper the strengths of a team working together toward a common goal can be considered a powerful experience. Leaving your company’s story forever imprinted on sweeping notes is an exercise that allows you both to think about what are the core principles that move a team, but also to let your emotions carry you away. Music is the best means of communication!

How do you create your own corporate anthem?

The set-up of the recording room is very elaborate: microphones are mounted that are able to absorb all the voices of the choir. In this way every member of the team is involved and can make their voices heard. Speakers to play the melody throughout the room, headphones to better hear the rhythm, and an experienced sound technician who will record the song with technical instruments are always on hand!

The first stage of composing the lyrics includes an important brainstorming moment, in which all the most identifying words of the company will emerge; these words can represent values, slogans that are frequently repeated in the company or even funny phrases that colleagues use among themselves. From these words, inspiration can then be drawn for rhymes to be included in the song, but most importantly, a title will emerge that will be chosen by all participants.

After the first phase, we divide into groups and the creative moment begins: following the metrics and setting rhymes, we begin to bring the corporate song to life!


And what about the development of lyrics?

The development of the lyrics is very simple and intuitive: equipped with paper, pen and the basis of the song, the participants have to create their own musical lyrics, giving maximum space to their creativity, imagination and especially their emotions. Followed step by step by a good music team, the groups will take turns recording their own verse of the song.

At the end of the composition of each verse assigned to the various teams, we all gather together in a large hall to listen to the new creation! Finally, the grand finale: by putting together the complete lyrics, the song can be sung live.

What is there to know? Some technical information.

There is no limit to the number of participants, who can be in small or large groups, in a setting that brings out a sense of belonging and teamwork to the fullest.

There is also the opportunity to involve top performers. Just imagine: asking one’s idol how he or she created a song or step that is particularly exciting.

The expertise and secrets of music in the service of our team building! There is also no limit for the choice of the location of this format.

The choice of location is dictated by what best suits your needs.

It is possible to conduct this activity in locations surrounded by greenery and with low environmental impact, such as farmsteads or cottages, but also in the halls of beautiful hotels where there are soundproof rooms to set up the recording room.

To sum up, here is what the team building Corporate Song proposes:

  • Creation of one’s own corporate song, with words customized by the team;
  • Opportunity to express the core values and goals of one’s company;
  • Working together to get to know each other better;
  • Fully involve your employees in a constructive activity;
  • Having fun, singing and most importantly generating a lyric that will be hummed throughout the office!

In other words, a meeting time for your team with minimal use of resources in terms of time and cost. In addition to Corporate Song, we also want to remind you of the other Music Team Building formats: Corporate Orchestra, Body Percussion, Music Race Competition, Drumming and Lip Dub.

With a bond created by music and made of ideas and emotions your team will be more motivated than ever!

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