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Our answers to your frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right team building for my team

If you are undecided on which team building to choose, the advice is to select the activity that you like/inspire the most from those found HERE. If that is not enough for you, READ HERE: at the bottom of the page find a number of types of team building with an explanation of why they should be chosen.


My team has just formed, can we do a team building? What do you recommend?

Absolutely yes, it is the best time to think about team building! In a newly formed team there is a need to create bonds between members and the best way is definitely through one of our activities. Some examples could be Urban Game, Movie Making, Action Painting, Lego Engineering or Escape Box.


This is our first time organizing a team building, which one do you recommend to start with?

There is no order or degree of difficulty of team buildings, so there is no one more suitable for beginners than others. It depends on personal taste with respect to the types of formats. If you want to focus on the creativity of the team you can think of creative formats, while if you want to create something that will stick in the future there is the possibility of creating a song or, should you prefer to focus on the logical aspect, there are various logic and mystery formats (Escape Box, CSI, Murder Mystery Dinner).


What is the difference between Team Building and Team Coaching?

  • Team Building: literally “team building,” refers to the set of activities and procedures used to bring a group of people together for the purpose of improving their ability to work as a team. In short, they can be even very short events, lasting an hour/an hour and a half, which already contain within them the stimulus for team building and do not need long and deep reflection.
  • Team Coaching: as the word “coaching” itself says, it is a training. Simply put, it means a long journey of a group that consists of various steps and appointments, toward a specific goal. With Team Coaching, one tries to invest more in processes and final performance, keeping a special eye on the company’s values, vision, mission, climate, and communication. For a team to work well, the latter in fact must be fluid, clear and direct.


Are team building activities also formative?

Absolutely. As the name implies, team building activities are a way to build the team. Although they are playful activities, they work on goals aimed at team unity and collaboration. There is no such thing as purely playful, fun-oriented team building activities; they are all an enjoyable way to work on the building of a team and teamwork.


How long does a team building last?

A team building can have very different durations depending on the purpose we give the corporate event. It ranges from a few minutes to several days of activity.

  • 15-60 minutes: short icebreaking intervention between sessions at a convention, to break the ice or make participants “wake up.”
  • 2-4 hours: training activity embedded within a convention to work on team functioning and develop more effective communication modes.
  • 1-2 days: corporate event that takes participants into a setting away from corporate normality to integrate new people into the team and work in depth on solving business problems.
  • Periodic intervention within a six-month or annual corporate training course, such as a Team Coaching course.


Do you only organize team building or are you also present at the event as trainers?

Both! We organize the event from the introduction and division into teams of participants to the conclusion and final debriefing. Of course, our specialized trainers are present at the event, usually at least one per team.


Do you only organize the event or do you also take care of the location?

We usually prefer to organize the event, going to the location chosen by the clients. In case clients need a location, however, we are also available to put ourselves in the search to satisfy every request.


Do you do Team Building only in Milan or do you move around?

We move and work all over Italy... but not only! We have also organized events in Europe: in Malta, France, the Czech Republic, and even in the United Arab Emirates, where we have another office. There, in fact, we operate mainly in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Urban Team Building:

What is the difference between Urban Game and Treasure Hunt and Rescue Team?

  • Urban Game: it is a different way to visit a city. We usually refer to the Urban Game App, which is a kind of treasure hunt in the city in which participants, using a special app, have to reach the most famous or unknown places in the city and perform creative tasks.
  • Treasure Hunt: When we talk about Treasure Hunt, we usually refer to an activity in which each team receives an ancient map and sets off in search of a series of enigmatic clues that reveal the route to be taken. These clues have different aspects, sometimes they are difficult to reach, and sometimes they are particularly complicated to interpret. The peculiarity of this activity is that it takes place in Castles and Islands.
  • Rescue Team: somewhere between treasure hunt and urban game, with a dash of Escape Room. In this activity, there is a mission to be accomplished to save humanity, and only through the unity of the teams in solving puzzles and riddles scattered around the city will it be accomplished. In addition, the Rescue Team can be themed and customized: for example, Rescue Team Leonardo in Milan, Angels and Demons in Rome or Inferno in Florence.

Cooking Team Building:

What is different between Dinner Cooking and Cooking Challenge?

  • Cooking Challenge team building consists of a challenge between participants that will be evaluated by a judge. In this activity, participants will be able to taste during the preparations, but it is not possible for them to prepare an entire dinner, both for logistical issues and for the quality of the dishes: in fact, it cannot be guaranteed that the quality will be good precisely because it is a competition in which the teams will not be led by chefs.
  • In case you would like to opt for a cooking activity aimed at also preparing the subsequent dinner for everyone, the suitable team building option is Dinner Cooking. In this case, in fact, participants will prepare dishes that can then be eaten for dinner. It is important to know exactly how many people will attend the dinner and how many dishes will need to be prepared.

For cooking activities, it is necessary to know in advance about allergies, intolerances and/or food preferences (vegan diet, vegetarian) of the participants.


Can cooking activities be done even in 100 participants?

Yes, we have done cooking events from a minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 300. But pay attention: with the exclusion of Pizza Cooking format. In fact, too many participants wouldn’t be able to bake their pizza in time. Please contact us if you’re thinking about that one, and we’ll let you know how many people we can accommodate.


Can we do Cooking activities in a restaurant at lunch/dinner time?

Usually no. In case the team building is organized in a restaurant, it is necessary that it is done OUT OF MEAL HOURS (morning 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. or afternoon 3 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.). That makes it possibile for the teams to eat what they have prepared afterwards, if the format foresees that option.

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