Sport Driving Team Building and Incentive

A new and engaging incentive format is Safe Sport Driving Team Building. It is dedicated to all those who, already in possession of a driving license, have necessity or desire to improve their guiding skills. It’s a nice way to incentive and award the members of the Team, at the same time putting to trial their trust, leadership and courage!

We do a little theory in the classroom and a lot of practice on the track. That’s because the only mean to understand the basics of secure guiding is a direct communication between pupil and coach, created in a relationship of reciprocal trust. We propose different levels of Safe and Sport Guiding and even Driving on Snow and Ice! In this last case we go from basics of safe driving to hard braking (with and without control device) and to slalom.



Sport Driving Team Building: Ferrari

Driving a Ferrari is maybe one of the most exciting experiences we can have in our life: a rush of adrenaline shakes our body and mind. From today, this dream can become reality with our Ferrai Team Building, an extraordinary format thought just for you! Participants will love technology, style and power of these cars. Are you ready to get on board, fasten your belt and press the accelerator to let the adventure begin?


Ready, set, go!

Guida sportiva su FerrariWe organize this format in different situations, on the road or on a specific track. A place of particular appeal is the Autodromo of Monza, the sacred temple of the worldwide motoring and stage of duels between the greatest pilots of history. The track is one of the most difficult in the world championship, but also one of the safest. Do you want to discover all its bends and its straight lines?..

The format is divided in different parts. We will dedicate the morning to theory, with a lesson that will teach us the details of the track and the technology of the vehicle. The afternoon, on the contrary, will be dedicated to practical tests, with controlled and clocked races. The day will finish with a real race, just like the Grand Prix, where participants divided in teams will put on practice what they just learned. In the shoes of pilots, they will live an experience beyond compare!

The benefits of this Team Building format are concentrated on the group’s dynamics. Among them: creativity, team spirit, communication, trust, ability to manage conflicts. All these skills will be strengthened by this experience and boost to maximum your staff’s performance.


Driving a Tesla: an outstanding experience

Team Building Guida Sportiva TeslaAfter Ferrari Team Building, we thought about proposing you another really outstanding driving experience: Tesla! Together with our partners Go!Excellence we propose you to try guiding this completely electric vehicle. It’s really a “smart car” provided with all the comforts and luxuries of a last generation automobile.

The electric car guarantees and extremely silent and flowing running. The S models that we will use in our activity, thanks to the double motor, easily reach the performances of the best sport cars like Ferrari… on the city streets! Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds will make your heart beat faster.

A giant screen in front of the driver lets us navigate internet and control all the car’s characteristics. The GPS, integrated, has been developed by Google specifically for Tesla. It also indicates all the places where it’s possible to recharge the battery in order to continue your travel. But it’s no more necessary to charge batteries every few hours of travel: the new models can travel from 350 to even 500 km with one charge!