Igloo Building

For an experience out of the ordinary

Let’s face it, we are all tremendously fascinated by igloos. Aren’t we?

Who hasn’t wondered how an ice den is built, what it looks like inside, and how heat can be maintained inside it without melting?

We are sure these are common curiosities, which is why we decided to come to your rescue.

Team building in the snow with igloo construction is not only a unique activity, but it is an experience that is really worth sharing with your work team.

We at TeamWorking suggest that you try this activity with ancient origins, not only for fun, but also and above all to study the dynamics of cooperation: a suitable proposition for any type of company and any corporate role.

How do you organize such extreme team building?

For this team building, it is necessary to be in a place where it has already snowed for a couple of weeks and where the snow has compacted enough to be cut and allow the formation of real blocks. Temperatures need to be around 0°C and it is essential not only to have the right equipment for building the igloo, but also the right clothing to combat the low temperatures, which must also be suitable, however, for working in the snow.

It usually takes 2-4 hours to build an igloo for 3-4 people, so it is important to study the timing based on the number of participants.

There is also the possibility of spending the night inside the igloo, which makes this experience even stronger and more interesting.

igloo building

The more adventurous teams then can sleep under a sheet of ice, like real Eskimos. Beware, however. If there has been no cooperation and teamwork, there will be a risk of the igloo collapsing, and in this case, the risk of hypothermia is really high.


Where does the igloo building take place?

Often the activity can only be done in locations far from cities and towns, so you will have to travel on foot to more sought-after areas that are completely in the middle of nature. It is essential to be in places with plenty of snow that has fallen for at least a couple of weeks. It is also possible to create igloos built entirely or igloo-cave, dug then inside the snow.

Building an igloo for team building

Let’s be honest, igloo building is not an activity for everyone. It is essential that the whole group share a very adventurous attitude and be ready for no small challenge. Igloo building is not an easy path, and it takes physical and mental preparation. By the same token, however, it is an experience that is a great motivator for the team to strengthen team unity. The intensity of the activity is great for working entirely on group dynamics and highlights in strengths as well as weaknesses. Communication, collaboration, organization are key elements of igloo group building, and without these factors there is a risk of spending the night in the cold. Recommended therefore as an activity with a training purpose, not just fun, for all groups looking for extra stimulation!

Organize your team building in the snow!

Team building with ancient origins

Team Building Igloo proposes to experience an activity that has ancient origins and has been handed down from father to son. Imagine your colleagues grappling with building an igloo: what would they do? How would they perform? What results would they be able to achieve?

An igloo is a shelter built from blocks of snow, used by Inuit people until the 1970s. The construction of an igloo is, by its very nature, far from simple: one must be able to build with a very cold material, such as snow, a shelter that provides shelter from the low winter temperatures. How then to proceed? What expedients to use? Will it be an igloo or will it be a cave carved out of snow?

Trainers who specialize in winter activities will provide all the materials needed to build the shelter: snow saws, knives… and suggest the best solutions, but the construction of the shelter will be the work of the collaborators alone. Team Building Igloo teases ingenuity, tests manual skills, brings out the dynamics of cooperation. In short, it is an appropriate proposition for any type of company and any corporate role.


How does the Igloo team building activity take place?

Your colleagues will be taken to the mountain areas where there is suitable snow: abundant and compact. Here they will be divided into teams that will be given the necessary materials and after an appropriate briefing will proceed with the construction of the igloo. This will be followed by a de-briefing where the results will be evaluated and the modus operandi of each team will be discussed.

Quando e dove si svolge l’attività di Igloo Building?

  • When?

Usually the best time for this Team Building is between February and March.

  • Where?

We organize it in various locations, including Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Umbria and Valle d’Aosta.

Organize your team building in the snow!