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Assessment: a tool for Team Coaching

Assessment is a method of evaluation used in psychology. It’s a global and differential judgement of a person as unique and complex, considering his resources, his potentialities and also his limits.

Assessment Center as a method for evaluating potentialities was born with the Assessment Program of the Office of Strategic Service during World War II, for recruitment and guidance of secret agents. It consists in a variety of situational tests that ask a person to perform a task while identifying with a given situation. These tests have the purpose to measure emotive aspects of behavior.


What Assessment is for?

Corporate Song Creation: la stesura del testoAssessment Center is today one of tools that are most used in the companies to evaluate potentialities of employees, their possibilities of growing and developing.

It’s a predictive instrument that can identify aptitudinal and behavior characteristics of an individual. The goal? To understand if a person is “at the right place” in the company, to develop his/her potentialities and eventually to find the best position for his/her abilities.

Assessment tests let us create a complex vision of personality, based on the distinction between left and right hemispheres of the brain and between inclination to team work and the one to individual work.


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