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Igloo Building

TeamWorking suggests to try Igloo Building, an activity of ancient origins, the secret of which is traded from father to son. Just imagine your colleagues trying to build an igloo: what would they do? How would they behave? Which results would they be able to reach?

Igloo Building Team BuildingAn igloo is a shelter built with snow blocks, used by the Inuits until the seventies. The building of an igloo is, by its nature, not easy: we must use an extremely cold material like the snow to build a refuge that would protect from the low temperature. How shall we proceed? Which skills shall we use? Will it be an igloo… or just a cave dug in the snow?

TeamWorking will provide all the materials for the construction: saws for the snow, knives… We will also suggest the best solutions, but the realization of the refuge must be done with your own hands. A Team Building that will arouse your genius, test your manual skills, study the dynamics of cooperation: it’s a proposal fitting for any company and any corporate position.



Come si svolge l’attività di Igloo Building?

I tuoi colleghi verranno accompagnati nelle zone di montagna dove c’è la neve adatta: abbondante e compatta. Qui saranno divisi in squadre cui verrà consegnato il materiale necessario e dopo un adeguato briefing procederanno con la costruzione dell’igloo. Seguirà un de-briefing in cui si valuteranno i risultati e si discuterà del modus operandi di ogni squadra.


Quando e dove si svolge l’attività di Igloo Building?

Quando: il periodo migliore per questo Team Building è tra febbraio e marzo.

Dove: varie località in Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Friuli, Toscana, Umbria, Valle d’Aosta.


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