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Become a Crazy Scientist

Have you ever dreamt about building a time machine to go Back to the Future with Doc and Marty? Or would you like to create a spaceship that will be able to bring you to Mars in a few seconds? Or your aim is to discover the formula of the elixir of eternal youth? Let’s admit it: we all have a certain amount of madness in ourselves… and unleashing it with our team can turn us into a real Mad Scientist!

Here in TeamWorking we’re a little mad too: watch how we pass our lunch pauses at the park!



Our scientific and creative format includes chemical and physical experiments, constructions, riddles and quizzes. The team will discover the secrets of science and will personally set up an experiment… of course, in complete security and under our supervision.

The format Mad Scientist fits well not only for a traditional team building with coworkers, but also for a theme party or a team building for kids. In the last case it can also be done like a social team building for kids in difficulties.


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