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A new format of Healthy Cooking

In TeamWorking we always care about the impact that our activities can have on ecology, environment… and also on health of participant! From this effort is born our decision to create a new cooking team building format, Healthy Cooking. Detox, vegetarian, vegan and local dishes: all that nature, Italian tradition and ultimate trends in kitchen can offer for a culinary experience good for body and mind!

Healthy cooking activityTo recover a natural, healthy and “slow” relationship with food we must go back to traditions, at the same time taking advantage of the most recent discoveries in cooking and medicine. In the Healthy Cooking Team Building the team will rediscover the pleasure of simple food, prepared with the best natural ingredients. We will thus discover that avoiding chemical additives and products that more frequently cause intolerances (gluten, yeasts, dairy products…) doesn’t bring to cook flavorless food. On the contrary, it is possible to prepare, with simplicity but also with sophistication, every kind of tasty dishes of great aesthetic effect!

This format can also be combined with Farming Team Building. In this case, the ingredients of our plates will be the ones produced in the farm: fresh vegetables and fruits, whole wheat, eggs. We can also combine Healthy Cooking to a socially aware initiative, for example, by cooking for a voluntary organization in a Social Cooking activity.

According to your wishes, Healthy Cooking can also be done in gluten free, vegetarian and vegan version.


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