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Choco Making

Choco Making is a delicious culinary adventure that will touch all of your senses!

Which are the origins of chocolate? Which countries is it produced in, and why is Belgium so famous for its chocolates? If you love eating chocolate, but also if you’re curious to discover how the most delicious sweets are produces, this culinary team building is perfect for you!



Creating chocolates

Participants of Choco Making Team Building will discover the creation of chocolates of the most various shapes and decorations, with the help of our Mâitre Chocolatier. From the easiest chocolates to tasty fillings, your creations will be afterwards wrapped up and brought back home with you like a pleasant memory of the day.

Choco Making activity is good in any time of year, but it’s especially nice to be done in winter, during Christmas time. In this season it can be also done as a Social Team Cooking format, with the creation of chocolates destined to charity sales! It’s also possible to donate a little part of the chocolates produced to children of an orphanage we’ve been looking after for a long time (


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