Team Building Super Quiz

Buzz challenges!


Team Building Super Quiz is the new teambuilding format to train and entertain your team. An exciting activity that will make participants experience the thrill of taking part in a quiz just like in TV programmes. Speed of reflexes, intelligence, curiosity: that’s all you’ll need to lead the team to victory!

Team Building Super Quiz: is the team ready to get involved?

Not only the mind must be quick, but also the legs: the Team Building Super Quiz is in fact a dynamic activity that requires physical involvement as well. Each team will field its fastest and most ‘athletic’ participants to come out on top in each competition.

Questions, surprises, fun prizes: Super Quiz is the format that brings energy and fun to your corporate Team Building!

What topics will the quiz cover? They can be the most varied. General culture, science, historical and artistic curiosities about a country or a city… But a particularly interesting option is the quiz dedicated to corporate topics.

super quiz

Participants will challenge each other in learning about the company’s products, its history, and its most and least prominent personalities. In this way, the company party will not only be livened up and made more fun, but also serve to create a common company culture and share values.

Challenge your team!
Team Building Super Quiz

Nothing more engaging than a Team Building Super Quiz

During this activity two or more teams will compete in answering questions posed by our impartial trainers. These questions can either be on a specific theme chosen by the client or belong to several different categories… in short, a bit like a university entrance quiz!

Of course, you can choose to ask questions related to the brand or company you work for and the Team Building Super Quiz can be taken both indoors and outdoors.

The fame of quizzes is historic! Answering various questions to see if you know the right answer is one of the most popular pastimes for years. The satisfaction one gets from it is why one often finds oneself talking to the television during numerous evening game shows or arguing with friends during a game of Trivia Pursuit.

What are the benefits of this team building?

The applications of team building in the form of a quiz in terms of collective and personal growth are manifold.

On a collective level, the main soft skills involved are relational:

  • Complicity
  • Understanding

When responding, it is necessary to think as a group and everyone’s skills and knowledge must be brought together in a complementary way. The idea of having to compete with other teams means that a healthy competitiveness also has its place in this type of activity.

On a personal level, however, different skills are called upon equally.

  • Listening: for the opinion of individuals to bring something extra to the group, this skill is necessary.
  • Leadership
  • Physical reflexes
  • Quick thinking

Assessing when one can make a contribution or when the best contribution is to stay silent and listen requires quick thinking. However, we are not only talking about mental speed, but also physical speed: after all, the buzz to book the answer certainly doesn’t press itself!

Challenge your team!